Go to the hospital, meet with open-minded doctors and ask them “have you witnessed a miracle?” You would be surprised at the answers you would be given. So many doctors including atheists have seen God’s hand at work in some patients. They have seen cancer disappear, they have seen positive results turn negative and they have seen people who were almost dead rise up from the dead. Some try their best to disprove it with some medical terms but others have no words to say it never happened because they witnessed it.

As a doctor, what would you call it after you diagnosed a patient of cancer and they came after few months when it would have gotten worse only for you to check and confirm by yourself that it isn’t there anymore?

If I believe in God, then, I should believe in miracles, not just a miraculous cure for headache but amazing miracles beyond what words can say. I think anyone who claims to believe in God and His word but does not believe in miracles isn’t truthful about their belief.

Believing in God makes believing in His word sacrosanct! If we believe in God, it also means we aren’t to judge His word based on our experience, other people’s experiences or even our feelings! Our feelings aren’t stable, we can feel good today and feel terrible tomorrow. How then can we use what we feel to judge God’s word when we can’t even trust those feelings?

You could feel the love today and feel hate tomorrow. You could think you love someone today only to end up discovering your emotions were just playing pranks on you. Often times, I see people who claim they believe in God but in a bid to say they aren’t religious they also indicate a certain level of doubt in God’s word! In a bid to be secular-friendly we disregard some accounts in the Bible as a myth because it’s not logical.

But believing in God alone is more extraordinary than believing that miracles happen. We are miracles from God! Think about the world, even if the story of evolution happens to be true when judged in a Bible perspective, isn’t it miraculous? There are a force and power behind the creation and the sustenance of creation. Believing in miracles is as easy as anything if we are true believers in Christ.

If we believe in Jesus, we believe that His words are true and if we believe in God’s word, we should believe in the supernatural. It may not align with our logics, it may not align with our experiences, it may not align with things we see at the moment but it is truer than those things we see.

If at the words of Jesus, Peter and other disciples would catch fishes that almost blew the net, then at that same word, you could experience supernatural things. If the Israelites would feed on the manna that they did nothing to earn, then you can actually enjoy so many things that you didn’t work for but got delivered to you on the plate of grace!

The woman with 12 years of issue of blood got her healing simply on the basis of faith, you too can be healed extraordinarily regardless of what the issue is. If Jesus would multiply bread and fishes, then no matter how many cells are dead in your body, it can multiply into thousands by the power of Jesus resident in you! If Jesus could turn water into wine, then no matter what is lacking in your body, what you eat can be converted to what your body needs.

Jesus mixed sand with His spit and formed another eye for a blind man. This means that by the power of God resident in you, things that have no meaning can become so meaningful and useful to you!

If you truly believe in God and you believe in the finished works of Christ, then it’s not a big deal to believe in the supernatural! The lame can still walk, the blind can still see… Miracles still happen today. It may not be everyone’s experience and we may not experience it the same way but regardless of your experience and feelings, the supernatural is real!

A friend once asked me “I don’t feel the love of God. Does He love me?” I asked her “do you believe in God?” And she affirmed. I asked again “do you believe that He made this earth?” She affirmed, I asked yet again “were you there?” She shook her head saying “but over time, I have seen the hand of God in creation” and I said to her “we may not feel some things, we may not feel loved but it doesn’t mean God doesn’t love us… The problem is our feeling. Believe the truth, stick to it until it becomes what you feel.”

You might have prayed and nothing happened, you might have had ugly experiences and the devil would take this opportunity to pressure you into entertaining doubt. But remember, Joseph had tough times and he didn’t come out of it immediately. The three friends of Daniel was thrown into the fire but they weren’t saved from the fire, they were rather given the ability to survive the fire and even enjoy a divine presence in that fire! Sometimes, God doesn’t save us from certain troubles, those troubles are for our good but He gives us the ability to survive it and pull through.

Look at the Apostles, at some points they were persecuted and thrown into the prison. Some survived it, some didn’t! Paul used those times to write amazing epistles! See, God works in great ways but we may not understand these ways until we get to the end of it. Don’t let your experience shape your reception of God’s word, don’t let what you feel change what you believe! God’s word is truer than our feelings! Our feelings can be very wrong sometimes.

You can’t say you trust Jesus but not believe in miracles. Miracles would be very incompatible with modern logic but if this old earth has remained till today, miracles aren’t outdated either. In helpless situations, don’t be afraid to seek God’s help, you have all the help you need from God! The Bible says in Act 3:16

“By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through him that has completely healed him, as you can all see.”

That was about a man who was sick but became healed in the name of Jesus! Isn’t that a miracle? In Matthew 19:26, Jesus said

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Jesus didn’t say some things, many things or a few things! He said, “all things are possible with God!” That is a supernatural statement, ordinary people can’t say that and mean it. Men’s logic can’t guarantee all the answers and our feelings can’t define these things. The key is “don’t just believe a miracle will happen, trust God and His will for your life.”

Nothing is a big deal for you because Christ is in you. Do you believe in miracles? Do you know you are a miracle?