I visited a public health department of a Federal Medical Centre and I witnessed a height of wickedness that some people exhibit. A woman who looked so lean and fed up with life was diagnosed with HIV based on doctor’s recommendation. Guess what? It was found out that her husband forged an HIV result that showed negative when they were courting. They eventually got married, the man was taking treatment in the secret but didn’t open up to his wife. She contacted the virus and also gave birth to a child with it. While the hospital was trying to take it easy on the man, he was acting up and even threatening to leave the scene if they waste his time.

I looked at the poor boy who looked sick but didn’t know he was suffering the wicked decisions of his father. I also looked at the woman, she was full of pain, it was written clearly on her face. I said to myself “people suffer the decisions they weren’t even part of.”

So many people today are suffering the decisions their ancestors or parents made years ago, some are suffering their own decisions and actions anyway and there are also people who are suffering the decisions of people they don’t know or have any connection with. Just in the same way, some people are enjoying the decisions of others at no cost!

From the perspective of Christianity, the world is suffering the sin that came through one man, Adam. Nature was perfect until man decided to go against God’s command in a bid to satisfy a certain desire. Some people are also enjoying the decision of Jesus to salvage man from the Spiritual effect of that sin! It all boils down to decisions which fuels actions. Mistakes are decisions too, maybe a hasty and negative decision!

Some people died in accidents because of the careless driving of a man or woman, it never happened by reflex, it was based on their careless decisions to either drink before driving, to speed on the road or to disobey certain traffic rules. I watched this happen one day, the traffic light was red but a driver insisted to speed over to the other lane since there was no traffic on sight. Unfortunately, another car was speeding from the junction wanting to meet up before the green light on his sight turns red and the disobedient driver bumped into him. They both had serious injuries on the spot. One person was suffering the decision of someone he doesn’t even know and the other was suffering his own decisions.

What about a young man who was diagnosed with HIV and yet he wasn’t sexually active? He had noticed recurrent health issues after going for tooth surgery? It might also be as a result of using hair clippers that weren’t treated by the hairstylist… He is suffering the decisions of various people that he doesn’t know at all. At least, had the hairstylist sterilised his tools, it would have been healthy! Aside from miracles, this young man would be depending on drugs all his life.

How about a woman who tried aborting a child unsuccessfully but eventually gave birth to a disfigured child? This child is suffering the decisions of his mother, it was never his own decisions but now he has to live in that pain, a pain he was never part of, a decision he never took for himself.

What about those born with the deadly sickle cell anaemia? It was never their decision, it was the insensitive decision of their parents who insisted that their feelings are of more value than their children. These children are suffering what they were never part of, a sin they wouldn’t have endorsed if given the opportunity. Some of them die early, some live in severe pains throughout the better parts of their lives.

People die because of other people’s decision, people go through pains because of something they never wished for themselves. However, people also live because of certain people’s decisions. Some survived because someone decided to study medicine in school, some got help because someone decided to set up a foundation targeted at those with their kind of problem, some were encouraged to keep living because someone took the decision to check up on them or perhaps a stranger took decision to write something on Social Media that motivated them to live on. One way or another, a part of us and our experiences are products of people’s decisions.

The story of Rahab is one amazing example of how people’s decisions can also save other people. The Bible said that the people of Jericho were to be killed and completely destroyed. But because of Rahab’s decision to protect the enemy spies, her entire family including brothers regardless of their own unbelief and sin were saved. Only Rahab and her family were exempted and this was as a result of someone’s decisions. Noah wouldn’t have gotten his family saved if he hadn’t decided to harken to God’s instructions to build an ark. The animals and his family were preserved, his inlaws too were preserved not because they were worth it or worked for it but because Noah decided to harken to God.

The decisions you make today can either protect or destroy people tomorrow. People have been saved or destroyed in the past of what was never their own decisions. Live intentionally, make choices carefully and always understand that there are millions or thousands of people who depend. on your decisions.

What you decide not to pay attention to today, may pay attention to your family tomorrow. The rat you don’t kill or chase away today may eat your most treasured foods, papers and clothes. The snake you don’t kill today may bite your child tomorrow and the banana peel you ignore may affect someone else the next minute. Even if not for your sake, for the sake of others, be intentional towards your decisions and actions and always put others in mind when deciding.

Remember, your decisions live longer on earth than you.


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