God has no special requirements to use anyone, he uses anyone He wishes to use and we cannot do anything about it. In Numbers 11:26-30, we see God using certain men who didn’t harken to instruction. Moses had given God’s instruction for a meeting but these men failed to honour it, it wouldn’t have been out of place if God ignored them but the Bible records that these men who didn’t honour the meeting were also able to prophesy as God poured out His Spirit upon them.

The interesting part of the story is that Joshua wasn’t pleased with this. He wasn’t happy that God was using these men, he wanted to stop them from prophesying but Moses said to him “are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit on them”.

Sometimes we aren’t happy that God is using people who don’t qualify in our sight but we must learn to appreciate God for whomever He chose to use. No matter the task God has committed to us, there is so much more that God can do still do with others. It is not our duty to judge whom God will use and who He wouldn’t use. Why get jealous because God is using a criminal? Why get jealous because a “worldly musician” is suddenly glorifying God? Why angry because a porn star is suddenly leading thousands of people to Christ?

In Joshua 2:1-24, we see another scenario. Joshua sent operatives into the land of Jericho to spy on it but God sent them into the hands of a prostitute. She was a prostitute, someone who should be regarded worthless especially by those who are supposed to be pious! It would have been expected that they would avoid the prostitute in the first instance. Speaking from the angle of the law, she wasn’t qualified for anything! First, she was a gentile, secondly, she was a prostitute! But guess what? God didn’t despise her, she was part of God’s agenda for the Israelites!

Had the two Israelites started judging her, had they looked down on her and treated her badly, they would have paid dearly for it, God wouldn’t have been happy with them in the first place. Many times, God sees the people we judge differently, while we are seeing prostitutes, God is seeing vessels He could use! Rahab needn’t do anything to be used by God. She was just sincere and open to be used by God.

In the New Testament, this same prostitute was mentioned as an elder of faith! The Bible says in Hebrews 11:31

“By faith Rahab, the prostitute did not perish with those who were disobedient, because she had given a friendly welcome to the spies.”

She had a very simple faith in the God of the Israelites and that was it! She might have been considered morally bankrupt but this same woman understood her helplessness. We aren’t better than those people we judge, we may not know the circumstances surrounding their lifestyles, we may not survive what they have survived, we may not be better than them if we were exposed to the same environment they were exposed to, we may be worse than them if we were born into the kind of backgrounds they were born into. So, God understands everyone perfectly fine and He deals with everyone the way He desires.

There is a good in every man and until we start seeing through the lens of God’s grace, we may always miss that part of them. Rehab protected the people that would destroy her country, she had every opportunity to turn them in but this same prostitute had reverence for God. This very people we judge may be more open to God than we are! Regardless of people’s past and the present circumstances where they find themselves, God can use anyone for a brand new role! All that matters is the willingness to follow and submit to His will.

The way we make our selections isn’t the way God makes His. God may need a virgin in this case but God may also need a prostitute in another case. Men may consider a lot of things before choosing people but God is different, He doesn’t see people like men do. In Matthew 1:5, we see something very beautiful about this prostitute. Christ came from the lineage of this prostitute, the Bible records that the mother of Boaz was Rahab and we know that Jesus came through this lineage. Although female names weren’t usually included in lists of genealogies, Rahab and Ruth are the only women whose names are found in the list!

Being a Canaanite was enough death sentence for Rahab but she found grace! Being a prostitute was another issue but this woman didn’t just found favour in God’s sight, God accepted her and responded to her in love. The same way Abraham was named in the hall of faith, Rahab found a place. Just before you write off anyone, always remember that God sees them differently.