God speaks to us in diverse ways but the primary way God speaks to believers today is through His written word but this doesn’t overrule other ways through which God speaks to His people. It could still be through dreams, through instincts, through experiences, through certain teachings including words from people who aren’t necessarily believers, through visions and several other ways. However, God’s word doesn’t contradict itself no matter the medium through which it is spoken! It must align and agree with the written word.

I had to start this way so that we don’t feel God isn’t speaking to us if we aren’t hearing a mysterious voice from the sky. When God speaks to our hearts through any means, we have to obey even when we don’t understand why He is telling us what He is telling us. The ways of man aren’t the ways of God and when we operate in the ways of God, we are operating beyond the timeframe that limits man to some extent. For example, some men who walked with God in the Bible always knew what would happen before they happen simply because they were hearing from God. God told Abraham that Sodom and Gomorra would be destroyed; it didn’t take Abraham by surprise after it had happened. Lot was informed before the destruction of the city and he was asked to flee with his family. Had it been that he doubted God, he would have died a very careless death. Noah was informed about the flood before it happened and he would have as well drowned with others if he didn’t obey!

In the book of Exodus, we see something interesting. God spoke to Pharaoh through Moses and informed them that hailstone was going to rain on the land and that anyone left outside would die by it. Not everyone obeyed as not everyone feared God or took Him serious even after several signs and wonders. The Bible records that:

“Those officials of Pharaoh who feared the word of the LORD hurried to bring their slaves and their livestock inside. But those who ignored the word of the LORD left their slaves and livestock in the field.” Exodus 9:21

Not everyone harkened to the word but every one of them received that word! Later, those who left their slaves and livestock in the field lost them. When God speaks to you about something, He isn’t doing guesswork, He has seen it and He is simply informing you of it. It is left for you to obey or never obey. When you disregard the word of God, you are disregarding God. For some people, they would lose out in the process and for some other people, after running from God’s will, they would still see themselves running back to it.

God asked Jonah to preach in Nineveh but this man of God decided it was better to die than ever preach to these people whom he despised so much. He knew God would be merciful on them if they heard the message and respond to God in obedience. So, Jonah had an option, to take advantage of the situation and be thrown into the sea. Well, for the first time in history, he was swallowed by a whale without being hurt or thorn apart and was vomited out in the city of Nineveh where he still had no choice than to preach the message given to him for them.

The last story I would be using is a little bit different from the previous ones I have referred to. It is about God and Lot after the city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed with fire. God had said to Lot earlier “Go to the mountains” but Lot didn’t want to go to the mountains, he had a better idea (so he thought) and he said to God “Why the mountain? Can’t we go somewhere else except the mountain? There is a small town nearby, let us run into it and find safety.” Lot didn’t want to stress himself; he wanted it easy as usual. Even though it wasn’t God’s will for Lot probably because God had seen the end from the beginning but God agreed to Lot’s will.

Sometimes, God tells us what to do and we insist on what we want to do. At some points, God may give us a go-ahead order but as long as it isn’t His will but ours, we will never find peace in it. God may ask us to do what we don’t find comfortable doing but He sees us beyond our feelings and our fears, He sees the things ahead of us and if we can walk in His word, we can walk in what He sees and not what we feel. Our feelings can limit us but if we can trust God and do what He lays on our heart to do, we will see ourselves defying certain odds.

When Lot had moved to the town he desired against God’s will, he suddenly realised that the land wasn’t a safe place for him, the mountain became a desirable place and without asking God or any pressure from God, he took up the task again and moved to the mountain. What was Lot afraid of about the mountain? He felt before he reached the mountain that he would die, he felt the firestorm would catch up with them but the Bible records that the Angels waited till he reached Zoar where he had preferred before they could start destroying the city. Had he still decided to move to the mountain? They would still wait. (Reference: Genesis 19:17-30)

When God asks you to do something, don’t try negotiating it with God and telling Him why His opinion isn’t very important. He has seen the end from the beginning and whatever He asks you to do; it is for your good. People negotiated God’s will for them; some got away from it but never ended well with it. We are people with the freedom to make choices, but when we make God’s will for our lives our choice, we live a more peaceful and fulfilled lives. We will always see the reason why God asked us to do something that was against our own will. When God allows you to do what you want against His will, you didn’t convince Him, you are still going against His will.

Remember, that you felt something doesn’t necessarily mean it is God speaking to you. Many times, your dreams too wouldn’t be God speaking to you. How then do you know that God is speaking to you? First, it will agree with God’s word, secondly, it is usually confirmed by godly counsel and meditation and thirdly, the circumstances around you keeps pointing to the need to hearken to the word given to you. However, when God speaks to you, it comes with a conviction in your heart and you would also need to respond to God in prayers. So many people underestimate prayer because they speak to God but never wait to hear from God!

Those words you have received from God, hearken to it, it is God’s will for you even when they aren’t convenient. It wasn’t convenient for Jesus in the flesh but He prayed thus “let your will be done!” Shouldn’t that be your prayer too?

Hope this blessed you?

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