6 Ways Less Attention Keeps You Attractive

Yea, humans need a lot of attention, they want to be called, sent text messages and their pictures used on your profiles. In relationships, everyone wants to be regarded and treated special but what you also don’t know is that for many people, too much attention can become boring. They may not admit this because they fear they may lose the attention they get but if you also want to remain attractive, be ready to make people want you, learn to keep them in suspense sometimes, let also make efforts towards you.

You are eager to see some tips? Here we go!


Many times I realized that people stop appreciating your gifts when it is coming so often like what they could pick up just anywhere. You can make people develop an entitlement mentality, in the sense that they feel “of course, he is supposed to get me a gift.” They may be happy with the gifts but it doesn’t surprise them anymore when it comes everyday! So, buy gifts less often so that each moment can count and be a surprise. However, each time you should give a gift, be creative with it. You don’t have to break a bank anyway!

 Gifts should say “I love you” and not “I am obsessed with you.”


Until people also start missing you, don’t stop creating a healthy space. Sometimes, people don’t even know if they would ever miss you because you do not give them any space to breathe and be on their own. When you give people space, you are letting them know the special place you occupy in their hearts. This may not sound like what people want to hear, but, don’t always be there at all times when it isn’t necessary.

When you are always filling up space, they may have to start avoiding you and the attraction may suddenly burn out! Let them miss your presence, let them miss your attention and let them also have the opportunity to spill it out! You too need an assurance, don’t you? If you always check up on someone now and then, it may begin fine with too much excitement! But, a time might come when they begin to feel that you are too domineering, obsessed and creepy! They might have to start telling lies about their whereabouts. And, when people start to avoid you, whatever you shared with them is dying!

People appreciate what they also invest their effort into. Let them also try making efforts to come to you and they will value each time you share with them. You will appear desperate when you are always knocking on the door or bumping into her hang out with other friends. 


Everyone hates bugs, they are very annoying! Indeed, they may complain that you don’t call often but a healthy amount of calls isn’t always enough and excessive amount kills the whole thing and make it boring; it is fine they keep missing you sometimes so that every call is worth it. Don’t flood their phones with text messages, calls and social media messages every second! Sometimes, if there isn’t any emergency don’t call few minutes or even hours after previous calls! Instead of asking “where are you? What are you doing?” at all times and for no reason, let them call you and complain that “you didn’t call me today…”

Text only sparingly!

Avoid making all your social media posts about him or her, avoiding trolling their posts and pictures! Aside from birthdays and special days, you should be yourself on social media without making her feel any sense of desperation. Don’t lose your identity for someone else in your own space. Let me tell you what desperation does, it makes them feel you are the one who needs them and they leave the entire task for you!

I never said you shouldn’t text! Texting is important; it is lovely but don’t increase the frequency and always make each text a surprise! Don’t rush to your phone when you feel they responded to your text or sent you a text. You know why? You need to make them keep missing you, flipping their phones here and there as they wait to read from you.


This is one big bonus I feel most women have over men, I may be wrong! But many women play hard to get even when they are burning inside of them emotionally, men seem to appreciate them more than they do to men if they fought to get their attention. You can turn the tables if you are eventually dealing with a lady who is attracted to you. Don’t make her feel unimportant but also don’t make her feel you are desperate. Even if you are, help yourself by pretending that you are not. You shouldn’t be desperate after all.

If a lady is attracted to you, don’t make your intentions known in a straight forward statement. Play around, speak in parables and show your intentions in your actions. It is natural; when it is too fast, it may die too fast but when it takes some time and some efforts, the appreciation gets better. Do you know what it means when you play a bit hard to get? It shows that you aren’t in a rush, that you value yourself and you can live without someone.


You don’t go to the movies only when you are hanging out with someone. Live your own life and give yourself a treat too! Don’t lose your friends because a new person walked into your life. New people aren’t worth the sacrifice because they haven’t proven anything yet. Anyone can walk in at any time but not everyone can stay…

Give your time for yourself and others but never make anyone person have all of your time. When they discover that you are naturally a happy person, they would desire you more! Nobody wants to be with someone who is mean all the time!

Don’t enjoy your life just to show people that you are enjoying your life, be free with yourself, realize that you’ve got your family, classmates, office colleagues and so on in your life and spend time with them too! Let them come to your social media and realize that your life isn’t revolving around one person alone, let them realize that you are happy even without any special person in the picture and they will work even harder to make herself very relevant to you.

We train people to become toxic to us by making them constantly feel that we are useless without them or that our happiness is dependent on them.


Playing hard to get doesn’t mean that you have to play games with people’s emotions when they truly mean nothing to you. People who play games only try to make others feel what they never meant, they want to make someone feel she is loved while she isn’t and they do this because they want to take advantage of someone even when they aren’t worth it. Playing games makes you less attractive, it may seem to be working at first but it destroys your integrity with time and can only get you desperate people who may not truly know what they want.

You can maintain your attractiveness by giving rooms for someone to also want you as much as you want them. Till then, you may be struggling to maintain what they found attractive in you. Make yourself uncommon and special!

Which of the points spoke to you? Let me know in the comment section.