REVIEW 2: Raped At Seventeen

“…I wept in my Children’s presence”

Adaeze Onu
Lagos, Nigeria

Hello George,
I have been away from social media and I had the time to read your book. I had a lot to say to my children as we read along.

God bless you so much for the pains you took to open up. You wouldn’t know what this meant to me and many. God bless you for remaining on the right path, after all, you will understand.

Many have given up, felt they have nothing left again, felt it doesn’t matter anymore. Therefore, remained on the wrong path, accepting it as right.

I wish everyone would read your book and I wish the reprobate spirit in them would melt away.

I am writing too much already… breathes in

The height of it for me is you never gave in after all. Chai! I wept in my children’s presence while we read.

George, you are highly loved by God and my very self. Do not, I repeat, do not leave this path you have chosen, God will uplift you the more.

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