I had prepared for work and had moved out of the house ready to trek a distance before getting to the bus stop where I could be able to board a taxi to the office. I had walked a far distance from home when it seemed a message was dropped in my heart. It read clearly “George, take a spare key to your house and hide it somewhere outside your house.” I was already out of the house and I didn’t want to argue with myself, I promised myself to do it as soon as I come back home in the evening. I had tried taking a step further when it came again, it was louder and stern this time around.

I began to struggle with myself. For more than one year since I lived alone, I never experienced a loss of key, I was always careful with my keys as I wear it like a ring on my finger. I didn’t know why my heart couldn’t just allow me to get to work first and perhaps we sought it out in the evening. I was already late for work and I had an urgent task waiting for me.

One thing I had learnt though was to always trust my instincts, God has always spoken to me through it and many times that I had tried ignoring it was always met with disaster. I remember there have been days I could have a feeling to leave a place and when I do I would come back to hear stories of terrible things that happened there! I also remember there are times my instincts would ask me to switch my phone off and when I do, I could switch back on later to see a message that would have distracted me from very important things. Not that my instincts have always been right but on many occasions, especially when I am not feeding it my thoughts, it is usually right.

Somehow, I am always able to discern when God is using my instincts to speak to me even when I feel like doing otherwise. The instruction was not normal but after much persistence, I decided to go back home and do as I was led.

Several months later, on a beautiful Wednesday, I went to Church for midweek service in the evening. We drove directly from the office just like every other Wednesdays. It was an amazing service full of the revelations of God’s word. After the service, I went home rejoicing and I remember I was singing my way all through until I got to my door and realized I didn’t have my keys! I searched my bag hoping there would be a miracle but there wasn’t. My apartment is a far from the office and it was already 9:45 pm, it would be impossible to trek out to the bus stop at that time or even see a bike going towards the bus stop.

For some minutes, I stood there confused. Several thoughts were going on in my head, I thought of asking my neighbours if they would accept me into their apartments for the night while I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable any bit with the weed they always smoke into the morning. That was going to be my last alternative, I kept gawking into the thin ear when something struck my mind instantly!

“Remember the key you hid somewhere?” It came the same way it did some months ago and I felt very relieved! With excitement, I went towards the place I hid my key, searched and found it! Ahaa! I didn’t have to spend the night in distress, I didn’t have to sleep without eating and I didn’t have to skip a hot bath that night!

Why? Because I listened to my intuition.

Sometimes, our instincts are right! Sometimes, God sends signals to our instincts and sometimes we even get a clue about something that is about to happen. What you make out of your intuition may determine your next experience. I remember a certain time my instinct asked me to move certain money from my main account to my second account but I ignored it… I lost the money to fraud! It couldn’t have been possible if I moved it. I also remember several times my intuitions are right!

Your instincts may probably be wrong if they are based on your thoughts and assumptions but whenever you get a trigger in your intuition about something, pay attention to it! It may be God calling your attention and wanting to save you from trouble the same way He used my intuition to make plans for me for what would happen in months to come.

What are your instincts telling you about a friend, a business, a major step you want to take or just anything else? Pay attention to it! Yes, your heart can be deceitful when your focus is always on self, fear and the wrong things but it is amazingly true that God will always guide yielded hearts as the Bible says in Philippians 4:6-7.

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”

God’s peace exceeds anything we can understand, it exceeds our worries and fear and it guards our heart and mind as we live in Christ Jesus!

God bless you.

~ George O.N

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