LIVING THE KINGDOM LIFE | Alive! Daily Devotional

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” – Matthew 6:33

A lot of times, we get carried away by luxury and mundane things of this life. We get so carried away that we even forget the essence of our making and the most rewarding ways to live on earth. Should money, great house and other luxuries be compared to the fulfilment that comes from living for the purpose by which we were made? Isn’t material things the same thing we will leave behind when we eventually depart this present earth? I believe there is more to life than just gathering wealth and disappearing out from the earth. Get this:

1. Our priority should be the kingdom

2. It is not wrong to desire wealth but there are priorities

What is this kingdom about? It isn’t just about salvation, it is about living out that salvation. There is a kingdom way to live and this is the central theme of our entire devotionals. To seek the kingdom means to desire Jesus and His ways of life. His way of life is love! We receive His love by surrendering to Him and then we become empowered to also give out His love. What should be more desirable than giving out love? Is that worth living? When we walk in sincere love, we would also gather wealth for the right reason.


Our wealth may fade with time or we may leave it behind but we will be known for our love forever! It should be the kingdom first, we should desire Jesus first and we should desire to live like Him. We have the vulnerable people around us, we can reach out to them with love. It is not about hating gays and going on a public campaign against people we don’t like their lifestyles. It is about loving them without judging them and seeking justice for those without a voice.


I am living the kingdom life every day by walking in love and spreading the love of Jesus to other people including those who don’t like me.


Dear Lord, inspire me always to live for the kingdom, to make it a priority even as I engage in my daily activities in meeting my material needs. May my passion for living a purposeful life be greater than my passion for getting things!

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~ George O.N

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