“Everyone must obey the state authorities because no authority exists without God’s permission, and the existing authorities have been put there by God.” – Romans 13:1

Many believers don’t concern themselves with politics because they believe that politics is a dirty game. We often treat politicians with disdain and yet we do not pay attention to the sensitivity of the positions they occupy. Are you aware that the government’s decisions affect you directly? When you understand this, you will also understand why believers should put interest in politics and political offices. When you aren’t available to be used by God in those offices, God will use anyone available. Get this:

1. It is your duty to respect the government authorities.

2. They are there because God wanted them to be there.

Regardless of the religion of a political leader, you are supposed to pray for them and stay obedient to them in things regarding patriotism. If God is interested in politics, God also wants you to be interested in politics and when you are in the position to make policies, you will see yourself making policies that conform to the standards of God’s word.


One great reason why you must obey the authorities is that they aren’t there on their own accord but on God’s accord. Disregarding them means disregarding God. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t criticize their undoing but you can also spend time to pray for your leaders. By praying for them, you are asking God to give them wisdom for leadership just like He gave Samuel.


I may not like the present leadership of our communities, I may not even like their person but I can always trust God who allowed them there but always reporting them back to Him.


Precious Lord, I pray today for all the leaders all over the world. I pray for direction and wisdom as they lead your people. Amen.

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