Would anyone come to me in the past and ask me what Grace is, I would say it’s the name of my white skinned early primary classmate who always wore glasses and wrist-watch with pink lips. Or maybe I’d say it’s the name of my late maternal great-grandmother who was blind but could still tell of anything happening around her. Wait a minute; I could say it’s the name of a hospital, a school, a church building… Yes! It’s also the title of most preachers’ sermon and I’ve heard it in songs too… Oh, so many things to just talk about.

Ask a banker and they’d tell you it’s that period of time given after the due date for loan repayment is gone before legal actions are carried out, they’d still be nice to you then because of “Grace period”. But what a poor grace that expires in just fifteen days or twenty days. I remember the day things were thrown out of our house because we couldn’t pay the house rent and our “Grace period” had expired! What a poor grace! Ask a musician and they’d tell you it’s a note that adds beauty but not necessarily important. Grace makes less sense here. If we should define grace with these things, it isn’t something too wonderful to reckon with!

But now, it’s a whole lot more different to me. I may not be theologically correct (who needs it here anyway) but Grace is God’s most beautiful idea, the sole answer to the mess of life in its entirety, the power that changes and the power to change embedded and embellished in the life of God himself; a divine all-in-one shake with nothing missing which can be received or rejected. That’s what Grace means to me now.

I’d have another way to communicate what Grace means to me. It is “DIVINE HEART TRANSPLANT”. God said in Ezekiel 36:26

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you”

This is what He was going to do many years to come, in our own time, and of course, he did it! So he was saying back then in Ezekiel “I will give you my grace!” That is how I see it and like I said before “…the power that changes and the power to change embedded and embellished in the life of God Himself; a divine all-in-one shake…” We give our hearts to Jesus, he reciprocates and gives us a brand new heart. Grace is God’s rewiring, he rewires us from the inside out! Starts us up and boom! We are producing. Grace isn’t a first-grade refurbishing project of heaven, Grace deals with the old and gets done with it! Then it starts from scratch to make something brand new. A brand new heart, not a refurbished or repainted heart; this is grace!

God’s grace isn’t mild but wild!
Wild honey or mild honey, which would you chose?
Everyone wants wild honey!
Everyone prefers wild meat because it is rich!

If it is mild, it is not God’s grace! God’s grace is wild, ravaging every obstacle, pulling down every stronghold, breaking up every walls and barrier, in search of us! God’s grace picks us up from the darkness and translates us into His marvellous light. This is how wild grace is!

It doesn’t want to avoid troubles but chases after us up to the mountains, down the valley right into the sea! Jonah kept running until he ran into the belly of the fish but grace kept chasing after him, Jonah preferred to die but Grace preferred that Jonah lived! Even in his stubbornness and willful disobedience, Grace never gave a damn! God’s grace is a wild hunter, keeping up the pace right into the belly of the fish!

it is wild and right on target. Like it or not, grace is chasing after you. Grace found Jonah, Jonah never liked the idea of Grace; he had people he could have destroyed if he was God but thanks goodness he isn’t God nor even an assistant God. Jonah disliked the people of Nineveh so much that when he sensed God’s grace was on the chase for them he declined to be the vessel. But Grace took Jonah to them, Grace saved Jonah and saved them too, grace is on the look-out. Grace is the wildest thing ever! Look at how it got hold of Saul of Tarsus; he was on his way to initiating what was to be the biggest annihilation of “Grace-fulls” he didn’t know what he was doing. He was out for people who are saved by Grace but without his knowledge, the same Grace was after him. On his way to capture “Grace-fulls”, he was captured by Grace and had a heart transplant.

Once Saul but Grace dealt with him and brought forth a new man! His name became Paul. Reminiscing over the persistent power of this very wild and unrelenting Grace, he wrote in Galatians 2:20

“It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me”

Paul knows this better beyond the philosophies and influence of doctrines; he had this personal experience that changed everything for him. He wasn’t writing from “hearsay”, he had a first-hand experience of this Grace! He felt the workings of Grace inside of him, he knew Christ moved in and took occupation of him and the same thing is happening to a lot of people all over the world.

Grace, running wild, looking for troubles here and there, ripping off the mess and willing hearts, replacing them with a whole new beautiful heart and life, a life of God himself. Isn’t this what John was communicating in 1 John 4:15 as he wrote

“Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God”

Did you just see that? Anyone who believes, whether he is black or white, African, Asian, American or European! Whether he is tall or short, whoever… No wonder Grace didn’t just save Jonah, it also saved the people of Nineveh. It didn’t just save the 3000 at Peter’s “Holy-Spirit sermon”; it also saved Saul of Tarsus who was out to stop the work of Grace! Grace is on the move like the wild fox whose tail has been set on fire! Whether you are out on an attack on Grace, it keeps coming! Grace isn’t fighting a defensive fight, Grace is an offender, offending darkness and forcing people out of its grip!

You may have lived your worst thinking you have exhausted what God banked on you, you may have done a lot of unimaginable things and you think heaven is closed on you, God is angry and frowning at you, life is at odds with you and maybe the only good thing for you is death! I’ve got news. Grace is on the rampage, running after you hoping you’d accept him. He is cracking open your chest and rearranging the debris into God’s divine plan if only you’d let him. God isn’t asking you to change, He is creating the change in you and you just have to allow the work to go in progress. Do you expect a facility which is still being worked on to be fully functional? Oh no. Work is in progress and the beauty shows up progressively. God can do wonders with those mess in your life.

Now let me say.
Jesus is Grace personified! The difference between Grace and Jesus is none! Grace is wild because Jesus is wild. Let me show you how wild and rugged Jesus is in this fight, the Bible reports thus in Colossians 2:15

“…He disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross.”

Look at that! He wasn’t defending anything, He got out on the offensive, took hold of the spiritual rulers and authorities, took of sin and death and shamed them in the face of those they had held bound for years! Jesus didn’t just disgrace them, Jesus won the fight and is giving out the medal of victory to anyone who comes.

Grace saves because Jesus saves. To be saved by Grace doesn’t mean we claim salvation by ideology, theology, doctrine, church endorsement, creed or anything else; it is to be saved by Jesus. This same Jesus is He who with welcoming arms brings into divine union anyone who just affirms to his “come” plea! Jesus isn’t just calling sinners; He is out to them, bringing them home by Himself. This is not a religious jargon, a medieval roman theatrical stage drama or some Greek mythology. This is God’s grace working on purpose.

I am George, a Graced fellow.

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