PATIENCE IN AFFLICTION | Alive! Daily Devotional

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” – Romans 12:12

What is your disposition in the time of afflictions? How do you feel and react when you pray and you seem not to get an instant miracle? How do you feel the moment you wanted something so badly and it isn’t available at that instant? Many of us feel terrible and sometimes hopeless. But do we have to feel that way? Let me paint another scene for us. We may start cooking because we are extremely hungry but no matter how hungry we are, do we start eating uncooked food? Do we start eating our meat raw? No! We wait till the food get done. Get this:

1. Our joy should be set on what we hope for, not on sight.

2. In afflictions, faith is displayed in patience.

3. Instead of complaining, we pray.

Just like a man waiting for the food to get done, we can truly stay hopeful that those challenges will give way! Whether it is a health challenge or any challenge of any sort, we can still stay hopeful and not give in to what we are seeing. There is no faith without patience and therefore as we expect a miracle, we should also be able to wait for that miracle in God’s own timing. Instead of going about complaining, mourning and getting ourselves exposed to depression, we can exercise our faith in the place of prayers.


We pray about everything because we believe that God hears us and we believe that things will not always remain the same. When we pray, we shouldn’t get discouraged if nothing happens instantly, we should be patient and joyful as we hope for the better! Don’t let anything steal your joy.


“I am joyful, I am hopeful and I will patiently walk through all struggles because the Lord is with me and He sees me through!”


Thank you, precious Lord, because I know that in the midst of it all, in the good times and bad and in the times when I seem not to understand a thing, you are right there with me.

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~ George O.N

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