Relationships usually start with so much energy and good feelings! It seems from the start like it’s never going to end and if one would ask you why you are really into your partner the way you do, you may not have a good answer because even you don’t understand what is happening. When relationships kick starts, men tend to hide their pride and display too much humility and women tend to hide their weaknesses and appear like they are very contented with your little. You might notice you’d talk for several hours without getting bored even when there isn’t any meaningful thing you both were discussing.

With time, you realize the whole drama starts to die out! Calls start getting boring and those things that seemed to have some sense of humour starts sounding really boring to you. This is where the work begins, this is where you may either lose that relationship or build a very beautiful relationship. This is where infatuation ends and love begins! Sometimes it takes years to come to this point and sometimes it takes just a few months or even a few weeks! From personal and external experiences, I have been able to note down certain signs that a relationship is on its way to shipwreck! Knowing these signs will help you save your relationship or get prepared for the next big move.


Sometimes when we are being swayed about by those extreme feelings of love, we tend not to see our partners weaknesses. We love them just the way they are and even find certain weaknesses funny. When you suddenly start realizing these weaknesses and start getting very annoyed by them, it is a sign that your relationship is on a vulnerable state at the moment. This can also happen vice versa! Perhaps you realize that your partner suddenly stopped condoning those weaknesses he or she have always admired as your uniqueness. It may even be your fashion sense that suddenly becomes unappealing to them or your constant habit of yawning, or just anything that doesn’t matter! The moment these once appreciated weaknesses becomes annoying, it means your relationship is on a vulnerable state.


People fight for what they value and what they really want to have or retain. When you suddenly discover that you or your partner is becoming less concerned about yourselves or aren’t making any meaningful effort to stay emotionally connected, it is a good sign that your once beautiful relationship is vulnerable and open to break up! This lack of effort can be seen in reluctance to reply chats, call, visit, go out together or do those things you’d always want to do with your partner previously. People tend to stop putting in efforts when they start feeling it isn’t worth it anymore.


Peter denied Jesus three times and in the same way, a lot of people will deny their partners by claiming they aren’t in any relationship. When your partner or you become guilty of this, there are big chances that your relationship is practically ended! Someone is just waiting to make it official! Well, this doesn’t mean there aren’t times people who are in a relationship fantasize about singlehood but the moment it becomes a strong desire to go back to singlehood, sometimes it is not because you really want to be single but because you are fed up with the person in your life presently. This also makes people lie about their relationship in the public, it doesn’t mean wearing a label that says “I am in a relationship” but when you come across people and they ask about your relationship but you don’t feel very great telling them you are in a relationship, then you no longer respect that relationship and in your heart, it has come to an end and you are gradually opening up to options.


When a relationship is still at its peak, partners see a lot of future together! You could notice it in their discussions, you could notice it in their plan outlines. When partners suddenly stop seeing a future together or find it hard discussing having kids together, doing business together or about their relationship in the next coming years, it means they are mentally separated! When two persons who usually saw a future together suddenly stop seeing it, they are already walking out on each other without seeing it. How you feel when your partner makes mention of marriage, kids or a future together tells a lot if you’re still in it or not.


I am an advocate of sexual purity however I believe two persons who are in a relationship hoping to tie the knot will also find each other sexual appealing. When you suddenly realize that you no longer find your partner sexually appealing or it seems disgusting to you whenever that thought comes to your mind, then it means you have mentally disengaged from him or her. No matter how cultured you are, if you suddenly don’t have that urge to hold, touch or hug your partner anymore, it is a big sign that something is wrong and the relationship is on its way to the end. Someone who has mentally disengaged from his or her partner will also find it uncomfortable holding hands with his or her partner in the public.


When simple questions like “where are you?” begins to seem so tough to answer, transparency is becoming a thing of the past and it will not take long, lies will become the new truth and your partner will know simply nothing about you. This has nothing to do with having secrets but the moment you become very comfortable lying to your partner about everything that doesn’t even warrant a lie, it is a big sign that respect for that relationship is lost and loyalty has become a thing of the past.


We’ve always heard that there is no relationship without a fight! But when these relationship issues become the new norm and frequent the life of your relationship, it is a huge sign that your relationship is on a shaky table. When it becomes nearly impossible to make peace over a little misunderstanding, it means one person or the both of you are tired already about the relationship. If it also takes a very long time to make peace, the case is the same.


When it comes that that point when you or your partner feels like you are fed up with the relationship, then your relationship is definitely on its last seconds. It can end any time, anything can be strong enough to break you guys up! Many times people get tired of themselves but they keep pulling and pulling the ship to know if they could move a few more days, weeks, months or even years! However, it will surely come to an end if you or your partner is tired already and wants a way out! You may not even say it but maybe just a joke could cause a breakup because mentally, you have already walked away!

No matter what your relationship is experiencing, you can revive that attraction by reintroducing so many things you guys did the first time you met. A dying relationship can still have a life again, so many dying marriages often find their way back up if the couples suddenly realize they need to make this work! These signs aren’t ultimate signs that you must break up, they are flags and you can save your relationship if you truly value something about that relationship.

However, whether you were able to save it or it finally crumbled, you aren’t shipwrecked! You are still safe and you can still find love in a more greater way. Your happiness depends on no one but you!

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