DON’T LAG IN SERVICE TO GOD | Alive! Daily Devotional

“Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.” – Romans 12:11

Do you know you can actually motivate yourself into doing something just the same way you started? Many times people kick off on a race with lightning speed but begins to get tired along the line! Many times people have dreams and are very enthusiastic about it but suddenly begin to lose that enthusiasm because of discouragements here and there. Certain people got born again, got on fire for God but suddenly withdrew either because they mingled with the wrong company or just because they weren’t fanning the fire aflame. Get this:

1. There is always a place of willingness!

2. The antidote to laziness is working regardless of how you feel.

3. Be conscious of the fact that you are serving God.

As believers, we have been called into service to God and we serve God in the way we love people, in the way we communicate the gospel to others and in the way we extend charity to the less privileged. Unfortunately, the human body will always get tired and discouraged especially in a world where there are so many voices speaking against our faith but the truth is, you are the one responsible for keeping those desires burning!


There is no other way to keep that fire burning than staying active! Keep meditating on the word of God, keep loving people around you regardless of how they treat you, keep communicating the good news of God’s love to others without reserve and ensure you continue to be God’s arm of care to those who are in need. This way, you aren’t giving way to discouragements. When you do these things, there is a constant fulfilment and joy you derive from them!


“I am not giving up, I am not giving way for discouragements! I am constantly motivated to keep burning for God, to keep caring for people just like Jesus would do and to keep sharing the life-saving gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to everyone around me.”


Thank you, Lord, for saving me and making me just like you. Thank you for calling me into the service of the kingdom. I am committed to you. Amen

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~ George O.N

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