“… Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.” – Psalm 23:5

Have you ever noticed that people who suddenly became great also suddenly developed haters? In fact, some of their haters always used to be their friends. The big truth is this, many people will keep you on their good book as long as you don’t get better than them or know better than them. The moment it seems you are doing well more than they supposed for you, they suddenly turn to your enemies. Whether you are doing good in business or you are doing well in school or just anywhere, you will have haters and detractors! But guess what? God doesn’t want you to handle them yourself. Get this:

1. The presence of enemies doesn’t indicate the absence of God

2. The best way to revenge against your enemies is to pray for them

3. You already have God’s anointing of protection

Sometimes people start panicking the moment they notice their success is bringing them haters. God doesn’t want you to panic neither does He want you to handle your enemies your own way. He wants you to allow them, love them and treat them well while they watch you flourish in their midst. When God sets your table in their presence, it means that their hate has got no effect on you. Instead of trying to fight them, leave them to God and love them.


God is not scared by the presence of your haters and Jesus said in Matthew 5:44 “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” They will watch God’s anointing manifest in your life and watch your cup overflow! This is if you can trust God and never take laws into your own hands. Right in front of your enemies, God’s blessings continue to manifest!


It doesn’t matter what my haters do to me, I have resolved to love them with the love of God and respond to their ill treatments with good treatment. This is how to live differently and this is how to express the anointing of God upon my life. Hallelujah!


Thank you, Lord, for giving me the ability to love my enemies! Thank you for also proving that your love and acceptance is what makes the difference and not people’s endorsements.

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~ George O.N