REJOICE WITHOUT RESERVE | Alive! Daily Devotional

REJOICE WITHOUT RESERVE | Alive! Daily Devotional

“Rejoice always” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16

How well should you rejoice? What does it mean to rejoice? To rejoice means to express great delight and be joyful at all times. I would want to think that the word “rejoice” means “reapply joy.” Many times we want our happiness to be dependent on circumstances, on people who are in our lives or on things we have been able to achieve. So, when those people leave, or when we fail at one thing or when circumstances look unfavourable, we bow in regrets, crying away time and feeling very terrible about ourselves. It is okay to have a spouse who loves to make you happy but when he or she isn’t in the mood, is your joy affected? How about money? Money is good after all it could buy us tickets to the comedy shows where we’d laugh into the morning! But is our joy truly supposed to be dependent on external things? What if money isn’t there anymore? Get this:

  • Stay joyful at all times

If we should stay joyful at all times when our spouse, friends, money and other external factors may not be there at all times, it means our joy isn’t supposed to be dependent on them. Our joy is supposed to come from within and not from without. This means that even when we fail at something, we choose to see is from a better perspective. Sorrow solves nothing, it doesn’t automatically turn failure into success, it doesn’t change the fact that your spouse is not there or perhaps that your friends betrayed you.


To stay joyful doesn’t mean that everything must be alright with you but it means that you do not let the devil steal your joy on the grounds of what you couldn’t achieve. It is true that it doesn’t feel good to fail at something or to be rejected by friends but it surely shouldn’t be the determinant of your joy. Regardless of what you are going through, you can rejoice always as being sorrowful doesn’t solve your issues. Staying joyful also gives you the morale to keep living!


“It doesn’t matter what I face today, I know tomorrow is glorious. It doesn’t matter the turnout of things for I know that God plans for me are for good and not evil! Hallelujah!”


Thank you, precious Lord, because I can always count on you in the days I seem trouble and I can rejoice always because you are always with me.

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~ George O.N