To be in any form of a toxic relationship is one of the worst experiences in life and to save yourself from lifetime damage, you need to take actions against that toxic relationship of any form today. Dealing with it helps you regain your self-esteem and confidence. What is the need relating to people who can’t see anything good from you? People who consistently expose you to emotional trauma? Anyone could be toxic to you, it can be your boss in the office, your classmates, your spouse, your siblings or just anyone. To know if you are in a toxic relationship, read 7 INDICATIONS THAT YOU ARE IN A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP

We’ve put up a few tips on how you can deal with toxic relationships.

  1. Move away and move on
  2. Just move away and move on
  3. The goal is that you move away, so move far from them!

Okay, you were waiting to see a list of how to manage such people? You don’t need to manage them; you need to deliver yourself from such a relationship that will only drain the best of you. There is no point drinking poison when all you wanted was a healthy juice and you can have it.

Unfortunately, there are people we can’t entirely walk away from like our parents, siblings, employer, spouse and so on for some reasons best known to us but we can shield ourselves from their venom, we can break free from their subtle cage. But whatever it is, don’t try managing their toxicity, deal with it once and for all. These are what you can do.

1. Stop confiding in them.

Learn to handle things your own way without seeking their approval. Even if you must have to inform them, go ahead but never seek their ultimate opinion. When you stop seeking their opinion, you are beginning to reject their opinion of you.

2. Create a strong boundary.

You may have to remove them from your speed dial. Yes, you don’t need someone who has nothing for you as a friend. Limiting how you communicate with them also limits them from having opportunities to trick you into a meaningless submission and loyalty.

3. Do the positive things that make you happy.

Wear that gown you like, or use that makeup kit you’ve always admired that they discouraged you from using. Make new friends, visit those new places, go to movies alone, apply for that job and do those great things that make you happy and fulfilling. Don’t let anyone limit you just because your success will hurt their feelings.


4. Stay apart.

In cases where you can’t break up with the person, then you just have to stay apart, at least for a long while. Toxic relationships usually lead to more severe abuse because when they can’t get you to do what they want in a subtle way, they force you physically. You may have to leave and stay where you can be in control. This is especially in cases of marriage. Don’t let anyone subject you to a life that doesn’t belong to you just because he or she pays the house rent or do some few things that aren’t worth the years or moments of emotional hurt you have been forced to pass through.

5. Stay strong.

Sometimes, taking actions against toxic relationships isn’t easy due to emotional attachments but you must be strong. You aren’t taking these measures because you hate him or her but you are protecting yourself from more hurt and emotional damage.

Toxic relationships can transcend into very severe abusive relationships, it can lead to depression and serious mental issues. Toxic relationships can damage your self-esteem and kill you gradually. If you must avoid someone who threatened to kill you, you must avoid someone who is killing you already. Toxic relationships are so deadly, it is the same thing as drinking poison and dying silently.

To know if you are in a toxic relationship, read 7 INDICATIONS THAT YOU ARE IN A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP

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