STRETCH OUT YOUR HAND! | Alive! Daily Devotional

STRETCH OUT YOUR HAND! | Alive! Daily Devotional

“Then He said to the man, ‘stretch out your hand.’ So he stretched it out and it was completely restored, just as sound as the other.” – Mathew 12:13

Have you ever had a shower bath without having to turn on the shower tap? Have you ever drunk water without having to lift the cup to your mouth? No matter how hungry you are, food will not enter your mouth by just looking at it, you must make an effort to either prepare that food or feed yourself if you are served an already prepared food. Jesus came to a man who had one of his hands withered and He said to him “stretch out your hand.” He didn’t just say to him “you are healed.” Get this:

1. Sometimes God wants you to make an effort.

2. Your effort can also be an act of faith rather than trust in self.

3. Faith produces a corresponding action.

Although Jesus wanted him healed, he wouldn’t have been healed if he didn’t stretch forth his hand. There are times God wants you to take action, not because you can do it on your own but because He wants you to act on His word. If that man whose hand was healed didn’t believe Jesus, he wouldn’t stretch out his hand and he would stay that way till he passes out on earth. The woman with the issue of blood took a step to Jesus and she was healed (Luke 8:43-48), the blind man had to wash his eyes and he was healed (John 9:7), the friends of the dead had to open the roof of a house just to get to Jesus (Luke 5:17-39). Our efforts can also show how much we trust God.


That dying career may just need you to stretch out your hand and so something so that you can realize the big thing God has settled for you. You may have tried and failed but you need to stretch out one more time! God said, “I will bless the works of your hand.” You’ve got to do something with absolute trust that God will perfect it. Is there anyone sick among you and you’ve been praying? Stretch out and lay hands on the person with absolute trust in God! I don’t know what you are facing but maybe you just have to stretch out and receive what God has supplied to you.


“I stretch out today and I receive the provisions God has already supplied as pertains to life and godliness! Hallelujah!”


Thank you, Father, for all of the provisions you have made available to me in Christ. I believe your word and I receive all that you have given me today. Amen.

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~ George O.N

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