Take Heart! Your Sins Are Forgiven | Alive! Daily Devotional

“…take heart, son; your sins are forgiven.” Mathew 9:2

Sometimes, the memories of our sins weigh us down and we stand there in regrets. Some people are having these regrets the very hard way, there are some people who got HIV out of immoral sexual affairs, some got anorexia out of poor eating habits for the sake of weight loss, and some got kidney problems out of alcohol intake and so many other ailments that are as a result of our own undoing. And so, we lie on the hospital bed, sit in the dark corner of our room or even stay in the place of our addictions thinking how we got there, thinking God is very angry with us and perhaps punishing us with those ailments. Perhaps, we have even heard the preacher say “STDs are God’s reward for the sexual immoral persons” and we feel God has gone on leave and can’t attend to us. Get this:

1. Yes, we make mistakes.

2. God loves us despite all.

3. God isn’t holding our mistakes against us.

Now guess what? God is not happy that you are going through those hard times. You may have caused it by your own carelessness or it may have been passed down from your parent’s via by their own mistakes. Do you think you are just a miserable person who deserves no pity from God or who isn’t worth God’s attention or mercy? How about that woman who lost her womb in the process of aborting a child? Jesus is saying “take heart, your sins are forgiven!” Jesus isn’t holding your sins against you! You must forgive yourself now; God isn’t your problem because you are in His good book! Your issue may be big only because you have not agreed to forgive yourself.


“Take heart” means “be confident” or “be courageous.” Jesus said to the paralyzed man “be confident, son; your sins are forgiven.” The man had to be courageous and confident in God before he could be able to access God’s provisions already made available to him. In spite of your mistakes, God still calls you “son” or “daughter” and He wants you to be confident in Him and forgive yourself. Only then can you realize that you are worthy of His mercies. It doesn’t matter what has played out, God has forgiven you and you don’t have to be in that mess forever!


“I may have made terrible mistakes, I may have caused the bad experiences I had but one thing is sure; God loves me regardless and it is His desire that I walk in the freedom that His love brings. Therefore I am not tied to my past!”


Thank you, precious Father, for your everlasting love. Thank you for not counting my carelessness and holding them against me. Thank you for loving me regardless.

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~ George O.N

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