Pick up your building blocks

“There could still be some mess here and there but I am no longer perturbed by them. I have learnt that some things that don’t glitter are gold.”

After so many years of trying several things that was laid in my heart to do and failed, including going from one publisher to another in my secondary school days to get my books published, I have realized that even in the midst of my present struggles, I have found peace within myself and have forgiven myself for all those failures. I have also discovered how it is becoming easier these days to become what I want to be and make big winnings with very little or no effort. I remember applying for something for years with the annoying “rejected” emails that follow only to try again this year and see God paving ways in very insignificant places.

So, I was wondering what all those rejections, betrayals, heartbreaks; blackmails and so on were all about. I was in the taxi one afternoon thinking about this and guess what God said to me? He said “I knew you would fail all those while but I wanted you to have a full resource for your building so that you don’t stop building on the way. Those rejections, betrayals, heartbreaks, blackmail and so on were all manner of building blocks needed to build you into the man you were meant to be. More will come, just pick the stones and you may not have to spend more buying stones for your building. See your failures as blocks to build your success” That was it! I caught it!

There were many times you had a beautiful relationship and it went down the drain just like that, there were times one good turn gave you a very bad payback! Have you experienced ingratitude for the great things you did? Have you experienced all manner of rejections? Have experienced betrayals and blackmails? How many times have you sold out yourself to people only to go out there and hear the lies they spoke about you? What about those times of struggles and lack?

The best thing to do when people treat you badly is not to mourn! Those are precious stones. You see that heartbreaks? It may be diamonds! Don’t try avoiding it, don’t try running from it! Pick those stones and reserve them in your storehouse. The time of building will definitely come and you may build a house full of diamonds that you never bought. Stop asking God why it seems you didn’t find favour in the hearts of many, don’t question God on why you don’t seem as beautiful as others, don’t ask God why they had to deny your applications. All things are working for your good.

Perhaps, you wouldn’t write a best seller if he never divorced you and abused you! Sometimes these stones are painful, sometimes they could give you scars that will never leave for a lifetime and God is not responsible for them however, God does not want you to give in to situations and let it swallow you, He rather wants you to stand strong against all odds and use those experiences in building a super and stronger you!

You may not have met that “best man in the whole world” if you had given up on men just because someone else didn’t appreciate you or perhaps abused you. Sometimes, we only notice an open door because another one closed and sometimes we appreciate something better when we lost the lower version! God does not orchestrate failures but He also loves it when you pick up that stone of failure and add it to your foundation.

Finished houses look more beautiful than the stones used in building them. There isn’t any stone that looks attractive. Even the precious stones that we so much appreciate, we only appreciate them because we have come to know the value. I have never seen a beautiful foundation but I have seen strong foundations. Your past experiences may be really ugly but they make you stronger. Why not pick up the stones and start building? Foundations are not meant to be beautiful, they are meant to be strong enough for a beautiful house! Foundations don’t come in fancy designs, they come in rigid forms.

Those who hate you may appear as enemies but you really need more enemies if you want to go farther in life. If you live your life pleasing everyone, you will have just a little experience to live a fulfilling life. They all never liked Jesus despite that He fed them with bread and fish! They all never liked Him despite that He raised the dead and opened the blind eyes. They won’t also suddenly start loving you unless you decide to live in their own definition of you.

Let’s talk about Joseph of the Old Testament a little.

His father loved him so much, he was the favourite of his father but guess what? Love sometimes isn’t a building block, it may be a source of inspiration and sometimes it can even push you into irrelevance. With all the love Jacob had for Joseph, it didn’t make Joseph’s dream welcoming. Jacob’s love would only get him to stay near his father but there was a greater future for him as God never designed him to stay near Jacob forever.

Joseph was usually with his father even as others go out for their daily activities. Guess what? The building of Joseph lied in the envy, hatred and betrayal of his brothers. Their envy took Joseph where his father’s love would never take him to. Joseph after being nearly killed got sold out and he found himself in Potiphar’s house, being in charge of everything Potiphar had, just like a free-born! He wasn’t literally a slave anymore but a stakeholder.

If the story of Joseph ended here it would have been such a nice and inspiring story. It would have still been strong enough for this subject but guess what? His brothers’ stones were not enough building blocks for the place God really wanted him to get to. The stones his brothers threw at him would only get him to Potiphar’s house. There was another big stone, it was going to bruise him, it was going to give him injuries that were going to last for a while but his brothers didn’t have this stone. The stones of envy, wickedness and betrayal only brought him this far!

When Potiphar’s wife made advances at him and he refused and ran away, she lied against him, accused him wrongly and he got jailed! Although this was awful experiences, they were good building blocks because, by the reason of him being in jail, he had the opportunity of ministering to someone who would later announce his gifting before Pharoah.

In the end, Joseph would count it all joy because all things worked for his good! He didn’t hold anyone’s sin against them knowing that if they hadn’t thrown those stones at him, he may not have gone that far. What exactly is that stone been thrown at you? I know it may have been painful but what you do with those stones matter. Your greatness tomorrow may depend on the rejections of today and you should celebrate every of your life experiences. Always remember that we do not know the beauty of a house by the look of the foundations. In a short while, after the foundation is built, the laying of blocks will become easy and all the love, favours, supports and care you receive from people will serve as the decorations and paintings!

No wonder the Bible says we should count it all joy when people revile us (James 1:2-3)! Next time people mock you, reject you, accuse you wrongly and do all manner of things to you, always know that they are generously giving you building blocks. You don’t only need love; you also need their rejections and hatred. Joseph wouldn’t have gone far with his father’s love alone! You may never have discovered your gifting if they had employed you. When negative things happen, don’t just mourn and feel miserable! Also, look again and discover what part of the building that block or stone is meant for!

Sometimes you may have to fail in an area just so that you learn to succeed in great areas. Sometimes people have to chase you away so that you run into a destiny helper and sometimes you may have to fail an exam, repeat class and have a destiny helper as your neighbour! Don’t think God is unfair! Only a fair God could turn an unfair life into your own favour. Do you think you could have met that man on the train if you never missed your flight? Do you think you could have helped save a life from an ailment you went through if you had never experienced that ailment and learnt the way out?

Don’t just see the negative in every failure! Celebrate your failures and your victories! Sometimes the stories of your victory began from the moment you failed. Haven’t you hear people say things like “because I couldn’t find a job, I decided to work on that idea and it became great!” The person who discovered electricity tried several times and failed but all his failures were building blocks. When people hate you or when you are failing, always know that it is an opportunity to build without having to buy resources with your own money because every resources and stone you had needed for the building was hurled freely at you. Hope God just spoke to you through this?

God bless you!

~ George O.N

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