Unmasking Depression | A guide on depression and suicide

Unmasking Depression

I was inspired to make this book available following the happenstances of depression and suicide that has been trending for a while in Nigeria and several other places in the world. Depression is such a complicated illness that shouldn’t be judged by another person’s experience. My new book “Unmasking Depression” presents depression and suicide from a clearer perspective for both those suffering it, those who don’t understand what it is and those who are looking for ways to help others who are going through the terrible mental disorder.

Unmasking Depression | A guide on depression and suicide

Depression & Suicide

It is true that depression is a major contributor to the cases of suicide but do you know that many cases of suicide aren’t just a result of depression? Only 5% of depressed people think of suicide. In this book, I also discussed why people commit suicide and how we can help prevent it to a very great extent.

The word “Depression” is very popular but unfortunately, not everyone truly knows what depression means, making them judge depressed people as people who don’t trust God or as people who have just made a choice to give in to their grief. Just like some organs of the body, the brain can be sick and it can lead to depression. 80% of Christians don’t open up to fellow Christians and Pastors on their depression for the fear of being judged. In this book, I didn’t just explain depression and suicide, I have provided a simple guide out of depression. Although reading this book isn’t enough to deal with depression or treat depression, it is a guide in the right direction.

Unmasking Depression Teaser | A guide on depression and suicide

A Sneak Peek

“…All depressions are not the same, the degree to which one person experiences depression is different from another and therefore while one person was able to handle it effortlessly, another person might find it very difficult making it unnecessary to judge two cases of depression as the same and to judge people based on what depression pushed them into…”

“…If faith never prevented you from feeling sick in the first place, then seek professional help. God gave us Pastors and He gave us doctors too…”

“…Many Church folks are experts in hiding depression because many church folks are experts in judging depressed people… “

Unmasking Depression


“…The depressed people also lead roles, dance to songs, take selfies with killer smiles because depression doesn’t wear a uniform, pretence is what does… The signs are not within the reach of sight…”

“…Miracles happen but they aren’t God’s only option and sometimes it doesn’t happen in an instantaneous laying of hands and pouring of oil but also in the competence of skilled labourers…”

“…God doesn’t just heal people on the prayer altars, He also heal people in the hospital using the fingers of the doctors…”

Unmasking Depression

Anticipate this timely book! It is simple, inspiring, informative and refreshing! It will be available in physical copies and e-book formats on Amazon and other international book stores world-wide.

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