THE DAY BELONGS TO YOU | Alive! Daily Devotional

The Day Belongs To You | Alive Daily Devotional

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

How do you usually start your day? Do you start off your day guessing if it would go well or not? Do you start off your day with the fears coming from the memories of yesterday’s failures? Do you start off your day with the breaking news on the violence going on around the world? How exactly do you kick start your day? It is important to know, that how you start your day may be very influential to the rest of the day. Get this:

1. All the things God has made is good.

2. The Lord made this day.

3. Rejoice in thanksgiving for every new day.

4. Run your day with gladness.

Should I change some part of your daily routines? Or yes, I think I have to. Instead of waking to think back on yesterday, look ahead into the beauty of the day. You may not understand why you failed yesterday but you can rejoice in the new day knowing that God made it good for your sake. You can speak some positive words into the day, not as a spell but as a confession of a reality. If the Lord had made this day, then this day is good and you ought to rejoice and be glad in it.


Rejoicing at the break of every new day is a sign and display of the faith and confidence you have in God. No matter what you are going through out there, you can always smile and remind yourself “I will keep rejoicing. Nothing kills my joy because the Lord made this day and this day is good.” However, if you start off your day with fears of the global economic meltdown and other things you got from the news, you might spend the rest of the day in fear! God wants you to move into the day with confidence. The day belongs to you.


“This day belongs to me. All the things the Lord has made is good and therefore there is no negativity in my day. I rejoice every now and then. Hallelujah!”


Thank you precious father for the beautiful day and days ahead which you have made. Regardless of the circumstances, I will always rejoice in you precious Father. Amen.

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~ George O.N

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