LEARNING YOU| Alive! Daily Devotional

Learning of Christ | Alive! Daily Devotional

“…learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” – Matthew 11:9

Do you know that from the moment we were born, we spend the rest of our lives discovering why we were made, learning whom we are and going ahead to live out who we are! Being a man doesn’t make you fully aware of all that is required of you as a man because all the time you spend in school and anywhere else, you are learning and relearning! If you want to be a doctor, you must learn how to be a doctor and even as a doctor you must be learning how to be better every day. Well, as sons of God, we can also learn how to truly walk as such. Just because we are like God doesn’t mean we act like Him. Get this:

1. To be the best of us, we must learn who we are

2. As the first of all sons, we can learn from Jesus

3. We learn his gentleness and humility

4. We find rest in learning from Him

Jesus is beckoning on us to learn from Him and as believers, His spirit has been supplied to us so that we can be taught by the Spirit but we must be willing to learn. Truth is, Jesus isn’t teaching us how to be doctors or lawyers, and we can learn that from doctors and lawyers! He is teaching us how to walk like God because we are already like God! Unlike the perceptions created in the Old Testament, we see the true character of God in Jesus! God is God, yet God is not arrogant. He is gentle and humble from the core and this is the character He wants to build in us that we might act like Him just as we are like Him.


It is in living out our true nature that we find rest. When a man tries living like an animal, he doesn’t find rest because he is putting on his body, an alien character. A lion may be seen as wild, but it is at peace living like a lion. Just like we learn how to be good men and women, good wives and husbands, good students and staff, we can also learn to be the best of God’s sons as He has made us.


“Because I am like God, I willingly submit to Jesus to learn the character of God which is already in me by the Spirit of Jesus. I walk in absolute gentility, meekness, humility and love. Hallelujah!”


“My heavenly father, I reaffirm my submission to the tutelage of the Holy Spirit. As you keep working in me to live like you, let your nature in me draw others to you. Amen.”

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~ George O.N

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