The senseless girls | George's Diary

I alighted from the bus and stood at the junction wondering if I should board a bike home or just trek. I have been on budget and trekking would save cost but I was also tired. When I remembered I had spent the previous night struggling to survive the thirst for water which I had run out from, strength came from nowhere, I determined to trek, using the money I could have paid the bike man for a packet of sachet water. I had other reasons to walk anyway; it helps us keep fit especially when we don’t usually exercise in the morning. You know, when people are on a serious budget, they start telling you how unhealthy meat and drinks are or how unchristian Christmas and other holidays are.

After thirty minutes of walk, I had gotten very close to my apartment when one of my neighbours walked past with a young fair beautiful tall girl who lived few meters away from our apartment and I overheard them discussing

“You know I love you right?” the young boy said with his aura reeking of marijuana.

“Yea I do,” the girl said and in my imagination, I saw her smile “and I love you too…” their voice had gone faintly as they walked farther down. I smiled and kept walking.

Each time I retire to my house after all the busyness of the day, there is usually this peace I feel! My house isn’t well furnished but my bed is one of my favourite places after a hectic day and then my desk is the next favourite place after a short rest. Like my new custom is, I’d come into the house, drop my bag and dash to the bathroom for some shower; I walked into the bathroom and remembered the last moment I had with my previous soap. I had used the soap until it got so tiny that I had to press it into my hair, make my hair foam and use whatever comes out of my hair for the rest of my body. “Poor soap” I sighed and went back to the room, picked up the money and dashed out to a nearby kiosk to get myself a new soap and use the opportunity to get a packet of drinking water too.

On stepping out of the house, the electric indicator sounded and smiles beamed on my face as though I’ve found something more than gold. It was electricity. We pay huge amount of money monthly for this and we only get six hours of electricity out of twenty-four hours every day, we have gotten so used to celebrating the incompetence of the power sector as long as we see the bulb shine for few hours. If not for anything, it was a very cold evening and a hot bath should not be bad after all.

I got outside again, nothing much has changed. The sun was down already, blue sky, moist atmosphere, calm environment with the slightly wet sands sticking against the scandals and pulling off at each raise. Getting to the kiosk, I saw my neighbour who had seen a girl off previously and this time he was at a corner with another neighbour who doubles as his friend and partner in crime. He was standing, left leg on the earth and the right leg raised on a small rock while his friend stood opposite him at akimbo with excitement written all over his face. They were discussing, I wasn’t paying attention, I was busy trying to make my choice of soap since I couldn’t afford my preferred soap at that moment.

Oh well, I had picked up the soap I wanted while the little girl had gone into the major store to get me a packet of water. My eyes were fixed on their little dog who was having the best of his time, scratching his bag with one of his legs “poor dog” I smiled “what does he know?” I sighed. Suddenly it seemed like the wave brought a word across my ears, it was those guys still discussing. Maybe they increased the volume of their voices out of excitement as they were laughing now with the other guy exclaiming “Chai! You are the man!” You know me and my tendencies, anytime I hear stuff like that, I pay attention. They had succeeded in distracting me from the dog, my eyes were still fixed on the dog but my ear and mind have gone to be in their midst. I was getting the whole gist now.

Please, don’t judge me, I didn’t eavesdrop, they were just loud without even realizing it.

“The girl cannot even cook!” The one I had met previously said. Let’s call him Ken and let’s call the other one Nek. How about that? Sounds cool? I don’t know if that name exists anywhere though.

“Which of them? Is it the average one? That came in the morning?” Nek asked, his excitement was so audible

“No! I mean the one that just left this evening. The slim one nah…” Ken laughed and continued “you can imagine the noodles she prepared for me; it got burnt while she was carried away in playing with my ears.”

“Hahahaha… These girls eeh, they will be carrying their ass around but there is nothing in them.” Nek responded. I was feeling bad already.

“The only thing is that she is very good in bed and I like how she moans when I give it to her…” Ken bragged. Oh God! I wish I had the audacity to be a bully and get away with it; he would have had a taste of my fist. Well, what was my business? Nothing! By this time, the little girl had given me the packet of water; I allowed it to rest between my legs and stood there for a while to get a little more of the gist.

“O boy eee!” Nek screamed, I heard their hands clap together meaning Nek had given him an award of a handshake as the player of the day maybe.

Ken continued “But the other one, she just knows how to clean the house. Guy, the way she arranges the house eeh, na die be that!” He paused and continued “what is my own? When they visit, I satisfy myself…. Do they have sense?”

I didn’t feel good about this; I picked the packet of water and started walking home. I walked past them and they hailed me “Baba! How far nah…” and I forced a smile with a response in Pidgin English “I dey o”

Well, for the rest of that evening, I was thinking about all of that. I didn’t go straight to the bathroom, I walked to my desk and sat down to let it all sink. The young lady I met with him previously lives very close with her parents and the other ladies might also probably live around. What exactly is wrong with these ladies? In their mind, they have a potential husband and each one of them is doing everything possible to present themselves as the wife-material even if it means opening up for sex while the young man is just having fun, wasting their time and making them subjects of public discourse.

Visiting a man, cleaning his house, washing his clothes and cooking his meals just to win him over to propose and marry you is just messy! Young girls should stop messing themselves up all in the pursuit of keeping a relationship. If only you know what these guys discuss behind your back, shame may never allow you to cross that gate again. If you have to do all of those to be a wife, then you obviously have low self-esteem and you don’t know your worth!

Many ladies are made to believe that once they can cook and do all manner of things for the man, they will cage him to themselves but that is far from the truth. With all of those sexual and kitchen skills, if he has no value for you, he will not develop those values overnight! Even if he ends up getting married to you, he still doesn’t have enough value for you. Wake up and stop messing yourself up! He wants you to prove your love by coming around, doing his dishes and laundries? When you make any mistake he takes your case to his friends and they laugh about you and discuss you as someone who is light brained.

Many young guys are just playing and having what they feel is the best of their time while some young girls are out there looking for Mr Right. Mr Player comes around in the pretence of being Mr Right and the young girl falls for a player. After she has been messed up, the cycle continues. Does this offend you? That is my desire! If the girls in this story look like you or you look like them, it is a pity and you might be making the top list on the “Most Senseless Girls of the Century.”

I have written. Come and beat me.

Bye… Pen drops.

~George O.N

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