DON’T TELL ANYONE YET | Alive! Daily Devotional

Don't tell anyone yet | Alive Daily Devotional

“See that you don’t tell anyone. But go, show yourself to the priest and offer the gift Moses commanded, as a testimony to them.” –Matthew 8:4

You just got a million dollar check! What do you do? Do you start announcing it or do you quickly start working out the purpose of that money? How many times have you run to your friends to share the amazing testimony of how you got struck with an idea? Many times people tend to announce their victory rather too early and as good as it might be, it could dangerous. I remember a friend of mine who would usually share his plans with some people and at the end, he comes home discouraged and would say “well, I now have one thousand and one reasons not to go on with it because they told me…” They end up discouraging him to give up on it. This was the case of the leper whom Jesus healed. Mark these highlights:

1. Sometimes, don’t share your testimony yet.

2. Be the first to encourage yourself.

3. Let the victory speak for itself.

After Jesus had healed the leper, He instructed him not to tell anyone but to rather go to the priest as the custom was and offer an offering as one healed of leprosy. The priest would add credibility to his testimony. Why did Jesus have to instruct him this way? If he had gone to tell people, they may look at his skin and tell him “but you aren’t healed yet! You can’t be in our midst!” They would so discourage him that he might agree with them and see himself back to where he used to be. But by going to get the offering and showing himself to the priest, he would be exercising faith all along! After the priest has confirmed him healed, it would give strong credential to his testimonies.


Some successes aren’t so obvious yet to others but it is obvious to you. Don’t let what God has done for you to become a mere gossip that can be disputed. You just won the lottery? You just got a fabulous job? You just got an amazing idea? You are planning a breathtaking event? You may not need to tell anyone yet. Don’t give people the opportunity to sow the seed of doubt and discouragement in you. The end result is enough testimony.


“No other person can convince me out of what God has done for me. I chose not to give room for people to introduce doubt. If God says it is settled, I believe it even if it doesn’t look like it yet.”


Thank you, Lord, for all the victories I enjoy in you! I believe your word. If you said I am free, then I am free indeed!

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~ George O.N

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