FORGIVE YOURSELF | Alive! Daily Devotional

Forgive yourself | Alive Daily Devotional

“’I have sinned’ he said ‘for I have betrayed innocent blood… So Judas threw the money into the temple and left. Then he went away and hanged himself’” –Matthew 27:4-5

All over the news, we keep seeing people who took their own lives just because they felt death is the easiest way to free oneself from certain mistakes and poor decisions. Sometime last year, a Pastor in the US tried committing suicide and was rescued but he died afterwards, it was reported that he was depressed. On other news in Nigeria, a student at the University of Port Harcourt committed suicide just because she didn’t pass her exams. I want to believe that among all the reasons why these people were depressed was because they couldn’t forgive themselves. Get this:

1. The first action towards poor life choices is repentance.

2. Forgive yourself of every mistake you have made.

3. It is impossible to desire to live when you are not in good terms with your own self.

4. Suicide is not a quick way out of your problem; it worsens it.

Judas betrayed Jesus quite alright but Jesus saw all of this as just a means to get the job done and didn’t hold the sins of anyone who was instrumental to His death against them. In fact, He said, “Father, forgive them…” Judas was included in that prayer and Jesus wasn’t just dying for the sins of others aside that of Judas, He was rather dying for the sins of the world including the sins of Judas. The difference between Peter and Judas was that Peter refused to die in guilt. Wasn’t Paul persecuting the body of Christ? But Jesus came looking for Him!


Sometimes we do very crazy things, take very stupid decisions and realize how wrong we are! Sometimes we get deserted by friends and we get really depressed but it is not God’s desire that you die in that depression. He wants you to live further because your future will re-write the wrongs and make them right! Peter lived further, Paul lived further, and wouldn’t Judas have done well if he lived further? Yes, he would have done so well! Live now!


“I chose to live above the consciousness of guilt and rather walk in the knowledge of the sacrifice of Jesus. Nothing on this earth is worth my life. By living further, I have more opportunities to effect change where God would have me do it.”


Lord, I acknowledge that Jesus died for me, therefore, I will not try dying for myself because that will not be a worthy sacrifice to you. I chose to live for you precious Lord.

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~George O.N

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