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Live in harmony

“Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.” ~ Romans 12:6

A Pastor was once asked, “why do you have to teach your congregation about justification almost at every meeting?” And he responded, “well, because we are human and we might always forget that we have been justified.” This is just the way it is about every other issue. We cannot overemphasise living in peace with one another and it wouldn’t be wrong if it remains a regular theme of what we hear every day. Get this:

1. You can live in harmony even with those who disagree with you.

2. We live in harmony by getting rid of pride.

As believers in Christ Jesus, we have the very nature of God and He doesn’t discriminate. What we call class today isn’t God’s design because God made everyone equal. To live in harmony with people doesn’t just mean to live quiet among others but to do away with any form of pride that limits us from stooping low to reach to both the little and the great. Maturity is not just the ability to stay cultured but the ability to relate with both the big and small in love and understanding.


Pride makes us feel we are better than others, it makes us see no value in other people’s opinion. Until we are willing to associate with people of low positions in love and honour, we have not truly understood what manner of love has been shed abroad in our hearts as believers.


“I see everyone just the way God has made them. I choose to associate with the weak, the rejected and people without class just like Jesus would have us do.”


Precious Lord, you have reminded me yet again that peace is priceless and an ambassador of your kingdom, I am a carrier of the peace only you can give. May the reality of your peace be felt through by all and sundry. Amen

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~ George O.N

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