Searching for a rich spouse

I was going through a Bible passage this afternoon and something flashed in my heart. While that portion of the Bible wasn’t talking about marriage, the thought that came to me was about marriage. This isn’t going to be in-depth writing as I just want to share my thoughts.

When you don’t trust God enough, you may trade your marriage for financial security and you may trade your joy just for what has no eternal value. Why get married to someone not because they are going your direction in life but because they have enough money?

It is becoming a societal standard and of course “it’s their choice and never our business” but as a believer, I encourage other believers not to live their lives for money but to be content with what God has given them and nurture it to grow. There are friendships God has given you, there are businesses God has given you, there is that man or woman God has given you!

Hold on tight to it and never let your quest for money make you lose that wonderful opportunity to be what God has designed you to be. So many great men I know today built whatever they are with that woman who accepted them in contentment and sincerity.

There are people who don’t look like it today but you see eeh, the future is full of surprises. Don’t trade relationships for money, don’t trade it for things that can’t buy you peace. Don’t trade loyalty for anything. If your heart finds peace in someone and you enjoy loyalty and core support even though there isn’t too much meat in the stew, stay there and build with your man or woman.

God is the only way to secure the future. Work with faith in God and you see the works of your hand blossom! This is the same mindset with which you can enjoy a blissful relationship. He doesn’t have a car right? He doesn’t have much money, right? And he beat any of those men running after you! But he is the one in whom your heart finds peace? And he is the one in whom you see the ideal qualities you want in a man? Think well before taking a step.

In the world out there, opinions are numerous and of course, some very concerned but carnal folks will tell you “will you chop love? Do you know money solves all things?” Don’t give them so much audience. I know people who have so much money but they are no happy. Don’t discover it late!

Goodluck Jonathan (Former President of Nigeria), Barack Obama (Former United States President), and several other great men found their wives when they never had much! Fela Durotoye (Nigerian Presidential Candidate, ANN) said something that shocked me, he said: “I was still living in a room apartment when I got married to my wife.” I am not saying there are no persons who married rich partners and never had a successful relationship but there is joy in marrying someone with whom you share vision, peace, love and understanding rather than letting money be the sponsor of your decisions. Men who built with there wives don’t make decisions alone and they have so much respect for her. At least, a higher percentage does.

Those others married rich partners doesn’t mean you must start with him or her when they have made money and it also doesn’t mean poor people make a good spouse. Just go for where your heart truly is. Wealth is not defined by material things, if you have the ability to see people’s future, you may cry over what you have loosed. Don’t put yourself in that situation where your testimony goes like this “wow! I never knew he would make it in life! That is why I left him.” Some will see another person play the role they were supposed to play.

Be an encouragement to that man or woman who God has brought to your life.

“Let your lives be without love of money, and be content with the things you have. For He has said ‘I will never leave you, nor forsake you’. So we may boldly say, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?'” – Hebrews 13:5-6

Do I want a rich wife? Well, not according to what the world defines as rich. Anyone in whom you find peace and the qualities you desire is the rich person you should stick with. Be careful enough to observe fruits, we know them by their fruits.


~ George O.N

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