THE UNITED CHURCH | Alive! Daily Devotional

The United Church | Alive! Daily Devotional

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” ~ Psalm 133:1

Every single component in your devices was put there for a reason. When you pull out one component just because it doesn’t look very important, you’d end up experiencing certain issues with that device. As small as the sim card is, if you pull it out of your phone, your phone will not be able to access the telecommunication networks neither will it live its purpose in full. This is what happens to any organization that is not united. Disunity among people is like disconnecting people from that particular channel where they would function so well. Get this:

1. Unity among believers yields pleasant results.

2. Unity among believers is God’s desire.

We are divided across denominations and sometimes we allow it to limit the extent God would want us to operate. As much as we may not come under one human leadership and organization, we can love ourselves and partner with our diverse organizations in ministry. Being an Episcopalian doesn’t mean you must hate a Baptist or never support them. I see diverse denominations as diverse expressions of our perception of God and His word. We can respect ourselves even if we disagree and we can make Jesus the centre of everything we do as believers. 


“Let him who means to love life, and see good days, seek peace and pursue it”- 1Peter 3:10-11. We shouldn’t just speak peace, we should pursue it. To pursue peace means to stay in peace even when there are reasons to quarrel. Paul had disagreements with Peter but they still operated in peace because they know that a call to ministry is not a call to prove one’s intelligence and wisdom but to serve Jesus where He would have us serve Him.


“I chose to walk in peace with everyone regardless of disagreements.”


Thank you, Lord, for reminding once again to walk with other believers in peace because it is pleasant and good in your sight.

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~ George O.N

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