HOPE; BY THE SPIRIT | Alive! Daily Devotional

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” ~ Romans 15:13

Human hope is usually hinged on visible things and promises. We may hope on getting some money tomorrow if someone assured us that he will give us money tomorrow but the truth is, such hope can be shattered because he may really want to keep up to his promises but cannot determine if that money would come or not. There is a different kind of hope released by the power of the Holy Spirit and this hope is not controlled by what we see with our eyes and what people speak into our ears. Get this:

  1. God can fill you with all joy and peace
  2. You can only receive this by trusting Him
  3. Trust in God brings about overflowing hope

To trust in the Lord means to believe that God’s word is true, to rest in the truism of His words even when our physical sense gives us more reasons not to trust God. Experiences sometimes can try making you question the reality of God but if you can keep your trust in God, there is a release of joy and peace which isn’t controlled by what we see but by what we know in the Spirit. When the Holy Spirit supplies hope to you, it doesn’t come with a reserve. You can receive this hope by simply trusting God and His word.


The Psalmist wrote in Psalm 23:4 “even though I walk through the valleys of shadows of death, I shall fear no evil because the Lord is with me.” He doesn’t fear evil even when it stares him in the face because he knows the Lord is with him. It is in this knowing that our hope is increased.


“I have over-flowing hope and I walk in constant joy and peace because my entire trust is in God.”


Precious Lord, thank you for supplying me with overflowing hope. I chose to fix my eyes only on you and not the things happening around me. Amen.

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~ George O.N

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