PEPPER RICE | No tomatoes? No problem!

So I got home from the office very tired and upset!
With the hassles, I have had with the bank and my internet service provider all at once, I had my head turning but also had my body giving me signals of hunger. Although I had some soup left in the pot I didn’t want to eat soup, I wanted something different! I had some few plantains and I thought maybe I’d make beans but then I remembered rice! Oh, Yes! Rice! But I had run out of much stuff in my kitchen and tomatoes were one of them. It killed my excitement as I tried figuring out what I should do.

My mind flashed back to a certain kind of rice I usually see at the Fast Foods and I was certain they don’t make it with tomatoes. I knew about fried rice though but I didn’t have all the ingredients and I don’t eat fried rice without salad. I couldn’t figure out the name of what was on my mind but I set out to cook rice without tomatoes. The idea spurred some excitement and I set out to the kitchen! So, let’s see how I cooked mine. I called it Pepper Rice. If you are struggling with an ulcer, this may not be perfect for you unless you did skip the pepper parts.

I used…
2 cups of Rice
4 teaspoons of dried pepper
Fresh pepper
Frozen Fish (if you have meat)
50ml of Vegetable Oil
2 medium onions
3 Seasoning cubes
(If you have carrots, peas, green beans and so on, it would be nice too!)

Let’s cook!

  1. Cut the fish (or meat) and remove the wastes. Wash in clean water and set into the cooking pot.
  2. Add sliced onions (use one onion), ginger powder, sliced or powdered garlic, thyme, two seasoning cubes, salt and two teaspoons of pepper. Please, be careful while adding these things. It should depend on the size of your fish or your meat.
  3. Add a cup of water and turn on the heat. It should cook until your fish or meat is done. Set it aside.
  4. Parboil your rice in a different pot and sieve letting it dry.
  5. Heat up a pot (probably the one you used previously to parboil rice) and add 50ml of vegetable oil.
  6. Add onions, ginger, fresh pepper and two teaspoons of dried pepper, curry, two seasoning cubes and nutmeg. Cut some cooked meat or fish into tiny pieces (ensure you remove bones) and add. Fry for some minutes and you’d notice the aroma going up.
  7. Add the stocks from the meat or fish you cooked while setting the remaining meat or fish aside. Add water depending on how soft the parboiled rice is. Don’t add much water, please. You may add more salt to taste. Allow boiling.
  8. Add the parboiled rice and allow it to cook. You may also use this time to cut your carrot, cabbage or any extra stuff you might want to add. (I didn’t have much so I used what I have!) Avoid stirring the rice because it will burn even when there is still water in it.
  9. When you notice the water is almost evaporated (I do this by listening closely or using a spoon to get to the bottom of the pot.) add your carrot or other vegetables and allow the water evaporate entirely. Use a wooden spoon (if you have) to stir your rice so that ingredient will mix. Turn off the heat.
  10. You may want to fry your fish or meat or plantain or just prepare any extra stuff you like eating your rice with. For me, I fried my fish and plantain.
    Food is ready to be served. Serve hot! With a glass of juice!

There may be other great ways of cooking this! I am not a pro… Lol! But this is simply how I made mine. Please leave your feedback on the comment box.

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