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The Risk is worth it

“But Peter and John replied, ‘which is right in God’s eyes: to listen to you, or to him? You be the judges! As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen or heard.”
– Act 4:19-20

We are familiar with the account of how Peter and John got arrested and jailed because they were preaching what the elites deemed unacceptable. They were preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and they were demonstrating the power of God. They had healed a lame beggar by the power of God at work in them and despite the convincing effect it had on the onlookers, it was very displeasing to the teachers of the law and the elders because this may liberate people from their deceits and lies. When they pressured Peter and John to stop preaching the gospel of Jesus the above text was their response.

1. It is possible to do the right thing and still get persecuted by the elders and leaders.
2. It is possible to work miracles and still have people who won’t believe you.
3. In all this, you should not let what the supposed elites think stop you from doing the right thing.

In our individual lives, we may not always get to that point where we get jailed for talking about Jesus but many of us still fickle because we want to be acceptable in the society, we want to sound less religious and very civil and we want to appear matured and very understanding. Sometimes, these persecutions would come in the form of rejections from friends and family, sometimes it even makes us lose our jobs or get fined by certain government policies that forbid us from either telling people about Jesus or evangelizing in our communities.

Peter and John were unrepentant on their stand for the gospel because they have experienced Jesus, His salvation and the peace He brings and they want others to have a share of this amazing life. If you have experienced the love of God, you wouldn’t be comfortable if others haven’t and you will be willing to risk everything just to bring people out of darkness into His marvellous light. Whatever the risk is, it is not a waste if it was done for the gospel.

“I reaffirm my stand for the gospel which is God’s power unto salvation to anyone who believes. I will always find the courage to defend the gospel knowing that there is no fear in love.”

Precious Lord, I will not take your love for granted. I will reach out to others and tell them about your love. Their hearts are responding to the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Amen.

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~ George O.N

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