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The reason it seems power doesn’t come available when you pray is that you believe there are limitations to prayers. As much as God wants you to work and do certain things yourself, it is not hard for Him to do it for you when you aren’t capable of doing it.

Do you need money? You have worked your ass out and it isn’t forthcoming? Talk to your heavenly about it!

Do you need a life partner? And you have applied every strategy you know but can’t find? Talk to God about it!

Are you struggling with certain addictions and you’ve done everything you were told to do and you are still struggling? Talk to God about it!

Is your spouse cheating on you or you are having marital challenges and you have read all the books in this world, attended all the counsels, do so many “bedmatics” but things just still seem the same? Talk to God in prayers.

It is true that the richest men in this world aren’t prayer warriors but Jabez still prayed and God blessed Him financially.

It is true that there are unbelievers who are having very great marriages while some Christians are not enjoying their marriage but heaven recognized and intervened in Mary’s relationship with Joseph.

It is true you may have run into debts or issues out of your own carelessness but David even after messing up had God’s backing! Abraham after lying still had his wife back with much more blessings! For lying!

Onyedikachukwu George Nnadozie (GracefulGeorge) in House on the Rock Asaba

Don’t give up on prayer yet! It is not a matter of being theologically or logically correct! Once you’ve gotten to the point your strength cannot carry it anymore, switch to prayers! Talk to God about everything and there isn’t anything we were asked not to talk to God about.

Maybe you lack ideas and strategies, it is fine but God can still make ways for you without those! Pray like you know nothing. Oh, yea… Prayer isn’t and has never been an excuse for laziness and there are obviously people who don’t pray that have excelled in life but God can still do it for you because everything belongs to Him.

You are wondering why He hasn’t given that man who stays in Church all the time money, you have been thinking why that prayer warrior still died in that sickness… Let me tell you something.

Stephen was being stoned to death, God did not save Him from that persecution but Peter got imprisoned and God saved Him from there! Does it mean one was better than the other? Does it mean one prayed better than the other? I don’t think so. God is wise and His will reflects His wisdom. We may not understand it but He is still God. So, your case isn’t like that brother or sister who have prayed and prayed and you aren’t seeing answers forthcoming. Answers may not come in the form you want it!


Some live longer on earth, some don’t. Some great Pastors who have worked miracles often times die in sickness or accident and you start asking “if these people never made it, how much more me?” Your case isn’t their case and that they didn’t make it according to your understanding doesn’t mean you will not make it. There are things we may never understand with our human minds. Just go ahead and pray like you know nothing.

Yea, people ask many questions like “if God really cares, why did He allow my mum to die? Why did He allow that earthquake to happen? Truth is, there is no guarantee of a perfect life on earth because we are in an imperfect world corrupted by sin, a world that will soon pass away and we are just on transit. If you stay longer here, give God the glory, if you stay shorter, give God the glory and if things work out so fine, give God the glory!

You aren’t better than people who didn’t make it and you aren’t worse either. Just open up to God and let Him do with you want He wants to do with you. You may not understand what is happening and why it is happening but just relax in God’s love as all things work for good to them that love God. After considering this, Paul declared “even if I die, I am not loosing and if I live, I am living for Christ.” This means that whichever way, God is still glorified.

What is it that you are going through? Stop questioning God or getting angry with Him. Just cast your cares upon Him because He cares for you. When you cast those cares on Him, give it up on Him and stop trying to dictate how you want it to happen. Let it happen the way He wants. Don’t compare your results with that of your neighbour, just keep on trusting Him.

If you see your neighbour flourishing while it seems you are struggling to forge ahead, be grateful to God and know that your own time is coming. Panic about nothing for this present world will still come to an end. For you, it may end today, for another tomorrow and for another, it is the next 10 years. Just relax your mind, don’t be too sensible to try dictating how it is going to happen. There isn’t anything you are not permitted to talk to God about.


You recently got into a heartbreak? And you’ve tried all you could do get through it but it gets worse by the day? Talk to God in prayers about it. You may have read how to pray and how not to pray, you have put these things so much in your consciousness that you want to be very calculative and perfect in the place of prayer but pray those feelings out! If something is wrong and you feel like saying “God, I am sorry!” Come on! Say it! If you feel like crying before Him, please do!

It is true your tears aren’t what gets Him so that you do not think you can manipulate Him with tears but all these things don’t matter if you are pouring out yourself to Him. There is no doctrine on how to pour ourselves on Him. Sometimes I burst in tears, sometimes I get on my knees and say “I acted stupid Lord, I am so sorry!” Sometimes I let myself loose and say “precious Lord, I can’t deal with this heartbreak, please help me, Lord.” Sometimes I even get scared and I rush to God and say “Lord, I am scared of this situation, only you can help me!” God understands your humanity and the weaknesses associated with it.

Stop being mechanical, stop being methodical… Just pour out yourself to Him knowing that He cares! I say again, pray about everything! You shouldn’t let fear and worry overcome you but when they seem to come, pour it out in prayers too! Don’t pray as though you want to try, pray with the mindset that God hears you!

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