IN BOLDNESS, LOVE STILL | Alive! Daily Devotional


“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”
– 2 Timothy 1:7

Previously we saw it is possible to walk in power but not walk in love. It is possible to express certain godly characters like charity and care but not crown it with love and today we are looking at a more interesting verse of the Bible. We have received amazing empowerment from God and this empowerment can only be operated. The life of God we have received can only be actively expressed intentionally. There is more to the above text than just being bold. The Bible isn’t saying we have received the ability to be bold naturally, to be extroverted and very social. Although the power of the Holy Spirit can influence our natural inclinations to a very high degree, the Spirit of boldness, love and sound mind is given by God for the purpose of ministry.

1. The Spirit we have been given is for a reason.
2. The Spirit of God comes with amazing gifting.
3. The power of the Spirit is crowned with love and discipline.

Peter stood on that day and spoke boldly because he was sure of what he had received of the Holy Spirit (Act 4:13). God wants us to be confident in what we have received of Him and therefore in teaching, teach boldly and don’t feel intimidated. God doesn’t want you to be shy with the gifting you have received for being shy means having less trust in its authenticity. However, beyond being bold, the gift of the Spirit is meant to be expressed in love and self-discipline. Many times people tend to be arrogant towards those who are weak in faith but the Bible tells us to accept those who are weak in faith (Romans 14:1), that is the way of love in expressing the gift of God and yet with unwavering stand in it. Others tend to have these gifts active in them yet they aren’t well mannered, they are loose, immoral and proud. This is why it is possible to see a minister teaching well and working miracles but sexually immoral. Well, God wants us to operate not just in power but in love and discipline.

God doesn’t want us to be arrogant and full of ourselves in expressing the gift of the Spirit. While you may have deep knowledge of God’s word, He wants you to communicate it in simplicity, in the way of love, with common sense and discipline. The gifts of God carries power and yet is operated in love. That is when it makes sense!

“I have the Spirit of God at work in me. I express the workings of the Spirit in power and yet in love and in a sensible way. My character and personality work in obedience to Christ.”

Thank you, heavenly father, for being generous with your Spirit. Thank you for the gift of your Spirit at work in and through me. Help me to operate in love and discipline even as I operate in power.

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~ George O.N

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