HUMBLE YOURSELF | Alive! Daily Devotional

Humble yourself

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”
— 1Peter 5:6 NIV

When we are proud before God, we are saying to God “I can live without you, I can do without you.” God is our only sustenance and He deserves all of the credit. When we tell God we can do without Him, He takes off His hands from our affairs and allow us to run things our own way and this is how God resists the proud because without Him we would only stop where our strength would carry us. But when we humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand, we are saying “Lord, I cannot do without you! I submit to you!” And by doing that, we are giving Him to go ahead to lift us up and do with us what He wants to do with us. Let’s understand this clearly:

1. We submit because only Him is mighty.
2. He lifts us at the right time.
3. We can only cast our anxieties on Him in humility.
4. We cast our anxieties because He cares.

We have to intentionally humble ourselves before God, it is something we have to do ourselves! Being humble before God simply means admitting and being conscious of our helplessness on our own strength and trusting in the power of His might. We have to stop relying on our own strength, ideas and strategies and submit them to Him. While it is good to have plans, we have to lay those plans before Him in humility and say to Him “Lord, these are my plans. Perfect them in your own way!”

What God considers as pride is confident in self and lack of confidence in Him. When we are so full of ourselves and our abilities we can’t be also full of God at the same time. He cares about you and that is why He wants you to submit to His care.

“Christ is my all-sufficiency. Without Him, I am nothing! I live in total submission to His will and I live at mercies of His care!”

My heavenly father, I am totally committed to you. I trust in your mightiness and without you I am nothing. Thank you for your care! (Do you have anything you are worried about? Feel free to talk to God about it, He is your father.)

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~ George O.N

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