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The word of God is the life of God, when the word is declared in the name of Jesus, He fills it with His presence. It was this same word of God that formed the world and everything in it. The Bible says God always watches His word to fulfill it. This means, when I speak the word of God, He brings it to fulfillment. When I speak God’s word, it is still His word and not mine and He watches over it because He is upholding His integrity. This gives us the freedom to speak the word of God with boldness knowing fully well that if He said it, He has done it!

The Bible shows us in Isaiah 55:1 that God’s word goes with an intention! There is no word of God that came without a purpose and God ensures that the purpose of His word is fulfilled! Having known this now, you ought not to loose your grip on the word! You must keep holding on to the word like your life depends on it! Yes, your life depends on the word because everything that pertains to life and godliness is wrapped up in the word! You start discovering them in the word…

Sometimes we can be emotional and reach the point of desperation, it is understandable because we are human! I don’t claim to have reached that point of perfection where I am doing everything the way I should do, where I respond to every situation the way I should do! Sometimes I get emotional too, I get worried, feel insecure and even cry! However, the moment I realize I had fallen for my emotions, I rise up holding on to what God has said! We may reach the point of desperation, but it is not faith. We need to get out of that zone and reach for the word! When you know what God has said concerning that situation, you’ll get excited instead of getting down! You get down because you have forgotten but you need to always allow the Spirit of God in you bring God’s word to remembrance at all times! Don’t allow yourself to be drowned in your own thoughts, hold on to the word!

There is a different response when we’re walking in faith! We don’t beg God to fulfill His word, we thank Him because He fulfills His word. In Matthew 8:16, this same word is what Jesus used to cast out demons and bore our sicknesses! If Jesus bore our sicknesses, its no longer ours! If Jesus bore our sins, we aren’t sinners anymore! We are no longer miserable sinners, we are the righteousness of God by His word! His word is true and there is no lie in it! I am holy, righteous and acceptable because that’s what God’s word says I am! God’s word cannot be lie because even if God’s word tells you that a stone is bread, you’ll suddenly realize that the stone has turned to bread! There is no possibility of lie in God’s word!

We are righteous because God’s word declared us so! In the same way God’s word declared us loved! Now, we who are righteous make mistakes sometimes because we are still in the flesh which isn’t yet regenerated but we can quickly confess God’s righteousness and walk in that reality. In that same way, the word already declared us healed but sometimes we might feel sick! The word declared we have everything we need but sometimes we seem to experience lack! That we feel sick doesn’t mean we are sick! Confess your healing and walk in the reality of what God has declared by His word! The same applies to other things concerning you… Don’t be defined by your experience,define your experience! Be in charge of what you experience!

In Act 3:6-7 we didn’t see Peter pleading with God to heal the man who was paralyzed! Peter already knew the word of God, he knew what he has got and needed not waste time. Peter knew he didn’t have silver nor gold but had something greater than all those; the power of the living God working inside of him! He didn’t let the situation of that man discourage him from believing what he knew he had! He pronounced the man healed but didn’t end there, he pulled the man up! That is an exercise of faith!

In Luke, the leprosy men saw Jesus and shouted for compassion from Him. Jesus gave them a word, to go to the priest and show themselves healed! They took hold of that word and went to the priest! They might not have felt healed at first but they took hold of the word of Jesus! Jesus did nothing but asked them to show themselves to the priest! Why? They shouted for mercy, Jesus looked at them and saw people who needed to exercise their faith! Jesus was simply saying “put your faith to work!” It is always the priest that confirms that people are leprosy. According to the Jewish tradition, they are sent away by the priest with a jacket that sends a message saying “avoid this person. He is a leprosy.” And Jesus asked them to go back to that same priest (as the culture is) and be confirmed of their healing. Therefore they weren’t going to be healed, they were going because they were healed!

The word of Jesus activated their faith! They had to take steps in faith! We receive the promises and fulfillment of the word of God by faith! Faith comes by hearing the word! Hold on to the word, keep acting on it, keep confessing it until it makes you what the word talks about.

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