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There are so many challenges in the world but a believer must know that he is wired differently and his response to it should be different. When we learn to let our works align with our faith, we can always be productive where others are not.We should not allow things that happens around us to define what we pray, we should let the world define things that happens around us and implement it in prayers.

Your prayers, your belief system and your actions must align together before it can produce result.The Bible says in James 5:16 “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective”. Why? Because a righteous man prays in faith and the faith of the righteous is also expressed by His good works. We can understand this following the concept Jesus presented us in John 7:15-20 where we can know the state of one’s heart by what they do. This can also mean how they respond to situations and how they respond to the things of life. A righteous man is known by his fruit which are results of actions sponsored by faith, faith; which is the result of God’s word. So, a righteous man agrees with the word of God in faith and also acts on that word, and then result becomes visible. This is how the prayer of the righteous man produces result.

You cannot be asking God to make power available of which He has and yet you have not gone out there to lay hands on the sick. You cannot be asking God to intervene in your marriage when you are not ready to respond to what God is doing by allowing His word to take preeminence over what you thought you know. You cannot be asking God to take charge in your business when you still involve yourself in illegal activities and lies in total disregard of God’s ordinances. The moment your actions agrees with your prayers, results are inevitable. By deliberately aligning everything you do to be in agreement with your belief system in the true doctrine of Jesus, you are expressing a complete trust in God and you are looking away from challenges, you don’t mind them because they can’t stop you since you have the method that works.

As a believer who has the Spirit of God in him, you cannot experience result in the physical when you are not in agreement with your spirit. Until you make your flesh a subject to the Spirit, you may not experience the victories you already have in your spirit in the physical. The flesh must be obedient to the spirit so that it can experience the spiritual vitalization the word of God talks about. Your business, academics, relationship and every other natural affair can have a touch of the spirit’s excellence if only you can consciously make them subject to the spirit. The Bible says in Romans 8:11 “if the Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from death, lives in you, then he (the spirit) who raised Christ from death WILL also give life to your mortal bodies by the presence of his Spirit in you”.

We need to understand that the Bible never said the Spirit HAS given life to our mortal bodies, it says “WILL” give life to our mortal bodies. How can that happen? The next verse explains it saying “we have an obligation, but it is not to live as our human nature wants us to”. When we live as the Spirit wants us to, that is when our natural man begins to enjoy the droppings of revitalization that comes from the Spirit into the physical and we see our natural expressing divinity in reality. It is deliberate.

When we understand this, the changing world will not be our focus, the world maybe changing but God’s word isn’t changing and if God’s word isn’t changing, it means we cannot or are not supposed to be affected by the worlds changes, rather we keep setting the pace and taking charge of every given situation by deliberately aligning our actions with our confessions and prayers.

Your actions cannot be doing something different from what you prayed about and you expect great results to happen. You cannot be asking God to bless you in the football pitch while you are busy in the tennis court. You cannot pray asking God to bless the works of your hands while your hand has no work. Every believer has been blessed, of course! That is a spiritual blessing which has eternal value but there are physical and temporal blessings that helps us live better on earth, those blessings can only be effective not just when we pray but when our whole system agrees with what we have prayed in faith. This doesn’t mean we are supporting God with our own works, it means we are working out our salvation; to use better words, it means we are operating our physical lives from the point of spiritual rest we have entered into.

In the midst of turmoil, you can grow out of it by putting into your consciousness the reality of the finished work of Jesus and acting upon it. The word of God must be acted upon! We actually do not pray until something happens, we pray because something has happened! When we know it is done, we wouldn’t just sit back; we will start taking what belongs to us. This is how you grow in the midst of challenges.

You do not let your emotions train you in the midst of troubles; it will simply train you into mediocrity. We rather subject our emotions to the realities of God’s word and in this way we are becoming stronger and matured to stand strong. Every storm you overcome is step towards maturity, that storm cannot kill you, it cannot even decide your future, it only tells you how strong you are in the Lord. This is why your focus must be fixed on things that have eternal value like the Bible says in Colossians 3:2.

When we look at Psalm 23 we see a clear picture of someone who chooses not to live by what he feels but by the knowledge of God’s promises to him. However, we also see a man who acts on the reality of the word regardless of situations. It is possible that many believers are not sitting on the table the Lord has prepared for them not because God didn’t prepare a table but because they simply say these things in prayers but never put them into effect through what they do. Many people are walking through valleys of shadows of death but they are afraid of evil not because the Lord is not with them but because they don’t trust God enough. In the process of working out our salvation, we are training ourselves in the flesh to become exactly who our spirit is.

The bible says in Galatians 4:19 “…once again, just like a mother in childbirth, I feel the same kind of pain for you until Christ’s nature is formed in you”, Paul was writing to believers whom he begot in Christ, believers who were still babies and do not exhibit Christ in the natural. They are born again, they are perfect in the Spirit but the nature of Christ is still not seen in their everyday life, perhaps they do not respond to situations like those who have God as their father, they do not have right attitude towards others, they still find it difficult to break out of their comfort and win souls, they might have always find it hard to subject their flesh to the Spirit and stop living based on the realm of senses and Paul saw the need to pray for them to become matured and exhibit the very nature of Christ. This is to say, someone can be born again, perfect in the Spirit but still experience what he ought not to experience. There should be a conscious effort towards knowing who you are, what you have and what you can do in Christ.

The Bible says in Romans 12:2 “do not conform yourself to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God – what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect.”, if we allow God to completely transform our mind, in the midst of troubles we can know what God’s will is, the bible says His will is pleasing and perfect which means regardless of challenges we can see God’s goodness, we can see differently and function differently.

You can become even better despite the challenges around; God may lead you through the valley of shadow of darkness, not to destroy you but to train you and make you understand that you can live above the storm. Now you see that you have received a beautiful life, you can experience the extraordinary and live above the norms, you can work miracles and experience massive improvement in every area of your life if you let your thoughts, actions and prayers to align together based on God’s word.

Remember I told you, if you are praying for something, don’t stay back and think it will fall from heaven, if you believe and trust God, you should be doing something that agrees with what you have prayed and believed. Are you praying for a husband? You shouldn’t lock up yourself in the room thinking a man will come and knock on your door! Faith plus work is what produces results in the physical and when these things are in place, you realize you never noticed the weight of those challenges. You can look around you then and say “I might have gone through a lot but I don’t look like what I have been through”

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