YOUR HEART | The Seed Of Destiny

Think about the bird’s egg, when you are looking at it, you are looking at a bird in just a seed form. Everything the bird needs to become a full-grown bird is contained in that egg. The egg just needs incubation and gradually it will crack to release a bird that will take time to feed and grow!

In the same manner, look at the orange seed. As tiny as it is, it has the capacity to grow into a tree that will produce several other oranges! The egg too will become a bird that will eventually lay other eggs or cause other eggs to be laid! Now, in those seeds are contained everything they will ever become!

Now, this is how your heart is. Whatever destiny it is you are meant to fulfil has been formed into your heart and this means when you allow your heart to be manipulated, you may only produce a distorted version of what you are meant to become. I am not talking about your physical heart, I am talking about your thoughts! The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 (GNB) “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.”

Do you see that? There should be deliberate restrictions to where your heart leads you to, there has to be a caution to what you think! The movement of your life is greatly based on the directions of your thoughts! Anything you think over time gets magnified! You may be so in love with someone but the moment you keep thinking about the things he or she isn’t getting right, you start disliking that person! Some things happening in your life today is simply because of what you have been thinking!

The Bible says you have to be careful about how you think! You may not control what your eyes behold but you can decide what your eyes stay upon, you can decide what you will entertain in your thoughts!

A translation says “keep thy heart with all diligence…” This means you have to consistently stay at watch to what enters your heart! In verse 24 the Bible says it isn’t everything you must say, don’t say those things which are not true!

Yea, don’t start confessing you are dead when you are very much alive, what is truer than God’s word? This doesn’t mean denying your present circumstances, it means upholding what is true and the word of God is more true! You may see yourself going through difficult times and you could encourage yourself by saying “Oh yea! I know it seems difficult but I know it is working for my good!” The present situation is a fact but what the word of God said concerning that situation is the truth!

The Bible continues in verse 24 to say you shouldn’t yield yourself to misleading words. This doesn’t just end with words that mislead others but also words that mislead you!

How do you fix your thoughts on what is right and what will help you become the best of you? We find the answer in the preceding verse in Proverbs 4:20-22. Its says “Pay attention to what I say, my son. Listen to my words. Never let them get away from you. Remember them and keep them in your heart. They will give life and health to anyone who understands them…”

You don’t guard your heart by saying “okay… dear heart, I guard you!” It is as good as saying “dear water, I drink you!” Until you drink it, you haven’t quenched your thirst! You guard your heart by paying attention to things that will help you, things that will guide you right because you will only become what you pay attention to overtime!

Again the Bible makes it clear that as long as you keep remembering those words of wisdom and guidance, as long as you keep thinking over them, those words will bring life to areas of your life that seem dead! What this means is that it will bring about manifestation! It will happen gradually and you will see those beautiful thoughts coming into play!

That is how to allow all that you have been made to become manifest! When it talked about health, it means you will run the course of your life steadily! Sometimes when we start having negative thoughts, we start manifesting distorted versions of who we are but it takes heeding in the right direction to manifest right!

When you allow negative thoughts to come into your heart, it can bring distortion! No matter what happened to you, no matter that person who left you, no matter how emotional and soft you have become, do yourself good by staying strong in your heart and thinking right!

Whoever left you didn’t end you, you’ve got a very more beautiful life ahead of you! Stay positive and keep your thoughts on the beautiful things ahead. Don’t let anything come in between God’s program for your life. There are beautiful thoughts that will come in to enhance you too, allow those ones in as it will sustain you.

When you are given to the word of God, you are building resistance to negative thoughts! It is like installing antivirus which prevents files with virus from coming in no matter how beautiful and appealing they seem to be! You will live entirely a different life if you allow just anything to keep flying into your mind. Therefore choose your association wisely, choose what you digest into your thoughts! God’s will for you is expressed in His word, that should be your ultimate guide! Reject any kind of thought that isn’t consistent with the very nature of God which is love!

I am George O.N
The Man-In-God