Rapists have been making round the news lately….
I don’t want to make an article on it but I am very sad…
I am just very sad… tears drop each time it surfaces….
I know what it feels like to be sexually abused and I know a very big percentage of ladies were abused by men they called “Uncle” while some of our boys were abused by women they called “Aunties” and men as well! Yes, you heard me right! Many boys are abused by men too!

How about drugging a woman and taking rounds in raping her? How about those who blame the female victims of rape saying she dressed inappropriate?

Even if a woman decides to wear briefs and walk on the road, it’s not an invite for rape! Or is it? Should we put on the responsibility of controlling ourselves on others? It is very demonic and evil to blame the victims of rape for the evil meted out on them. Rape is the fault of the rapist!

Even if a woman visits you with hot-mini skirt and sleeveless top, it is not an invitation for rape. As bad as indecent dressing is, it is never ever an excuse for rape! If you can’t stand the sight of “sexy” women, you have a mental problem… Yes, they may appear “inviting” but if they said “no” after you’ve tried, it’s a no! The people saying “she caused it, she dressed bad” or “He is not to be blamed… She visited him at home. What was she looking for?” They have a problem and they are suspects.

Wait a minute! You think those of us who don’t rape have not slept on the same bed with a woman on lingerie before? At some points some of us found ourselves where we had no option than to share a room with a woman, a woman we even admire! You think we have not been tempted to touch before? You think we never got aroused before? Yes we do get aroused but we are not animals! Some of us came back to our senses and even apologized when we got “Stop! No!” For an answer to our advances. Some of us didn’t even give room for such temptations at all because we don’t just respect God and our body, we also respect the woman and her decisions! We know there is a right time and right person for sex and it’s not what we should get by force! It is an affair two persons should enjoy mutually and in agreement.

You don’t enter the groceries and steal bread because you desired bread. No matter how much you lust after a car, you don’t go and steal from car dealers! You keep your cool and wait for the day you make the money for it! Stealing isn’t an option for what you desire, try it, get caught and rot in jail! Every rapist should enjoy the jail for a long time and also undergo therapy in there. Every body should speak up against rape! It’s happening to our little kids by their “uncles” and “aunties” and it is happening to young people who visited friends out of trust. It also happening in our boarding schools! Men are raping boys too! Some of the ladies I have met would always share stories of how they almost got drugged and raped by even our “church people”. Nonsense!

Be a master of your body…
They say every man have a beast in them that manifests when they are alone with a woman. Do you chose to believe that? Do you feel I should believe it too?

It’s a lie!

I am a man with a working sexual drive! I am not impotent because I know my body and what I feel sometimes but that beast? It’s not in me because I am deliberate with my life and haven’t loosed control anytime in my life.

I feel so bad about this and we need to start visiting all these ” Boys” & “Girls” schools to start reorienting them young and early! We need to start asking our children questions. We need to save the face of humanity. We are not all animals!

I have a gift for you!

Raped At Seventeen by George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie
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