Pastor George O.N inside swimming pool with members of House of Vasileia

Today, I did what I have never done in my life! What was that? 


I went for Picnic and then I was swimming! I remember thinking swimming is as easy as diving into the water and dragging yourself through the waters. When I watch the way people do it, I feel I could do better. Swimming was just one of the various things we did, it was really fun talking about ourselves, our best times in the year and what we hope to see in 2018. However, this story is just about me and my water experience! Lol.


First, it was a big deal getting me to come out on bare chest and tight short. I had initially planned swimming with singlet and a short I came with, I couldn’t stand people looking at my chest like that! But, it didn’t work as planned. I wasn’t allowed to swim without removing the singlet, wearing a tight shirt designed for swimming and taking a shower.

Selfie with Wisdom, Ifunanya & Miracle

I remember coming out of the changing room, the cool breeze scratched through my chest as I walked with shaky feet and hand crossed over my chest. I had never been that way before in the public…


Well, everything has its first time… I quietly walked into the water, joined my mates and in a twinkle it seemed something left my eyes and I couldn’t feel shy anymore.


I was going to show this people that one could actually swim without having to learn from anyone, I was going to show them that all the years I have been observing swimmers, I had picked one or two things. I was disappointed… By myself.

With Ifunanya and Archbishop Jerikiz

I had dived into the swimming pool, life inside water was different from what is obtainable when you are on the land. As my head entered the water, I felt life was being gushed out of me at that instant. I was sinking in a mere 3 feet pool, I couldn’t stand, I struggled until Okwuchukwu Igweh noticed I was getting it wrong and he helped me get up.


I didn’t waste time to tell myself the truth and say “George, you need to be taught”. I went to Okwuchukwu and requested to be taught. It wasn’t easy but I started getting some few moves…

With Ifunanya
With Ifunanya

Finally, I started swimming… As a novice though. At least I am now better than many of you… Lol!


And Archbishop Jeremiah, Ifunanya Atuchukwu, Miracle Chime and others were swimming like fish! Did they? Ask them… Wisdom Oruche ‘no gree’ (refused to)/enter water because she swims 17ft pool and they don’t have it… I understand.

It was a fun day…

Don’t forget the lesson: Be humble enough to be taught. Learn to learn…



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