This is part of my presentation at the INDEPENDENT SUMMIT held at Betty Filips Hotel, Obosi on 14th of October tagged “Navigating Vision Challenges”.


Everybody is born with a seed of greatness; everyman was born with an unprocessed treasure in his hands. That treasure is not defined, silver can be made out if, gold can be made out of it and diamond can be made out of it. However and very unfortunately, clay can also be made out of it. The tool we can use in processing that treasure is CHOICE! The choices we make in life strongly determine what we make out of life. The results we get are as based on the choices we make. If we became very successful, it is because of the choices we make. Diverse people can make diverse choices in order to reach the same goal.


The formula for success is not defined in any book or by any man. It is all in your choice. We can be coached and encourage towards being successful, we can give you certain steps you’d take to become a success but we cannot force you into choosing to be successful. God created us all with different designs so that we can do different things and that is the uniqueness of humans. That ten persons are successful doesn’t mean they did the same thing; they simply made a choice and lived by their choices. We are all shaped by the choices we make. That 2 is the answer doesn’t mean the question is “one plus one”, it might have been “two minus zero” or “two plus zero” or “two multiplied by one” and so on! In that same manner, there are diverse problems that can be solved with just one answer and that is determined by our choices.


I tell my brethren at House of Vasileia that there is a difference between wanting to do something and deciding to do something. We don’t achieve any result by wanting to do something; we achieve it by deciding to do something. There are two kinds of people who fail. They are;

The people who wanted to do something.

The people who decided not to anything.

Success doesn’t happen by chance or unpreparedness. When opportunity meets a prepared man, success is inevitable. Well, opportunity doesn’t come once but it doesn’t come all the time. Again, opportunity in most cases have always come silently and unnoticed. Failure is the absence of results and success is the manifestation of idea implementation. Both are the result of our choices. I will say it again; everyman was born with a seed of greatness, a treasure that can be processed to get any desired material. God gives gift to men but that is not a guarantee that men who have gifts will become great or successful. You still remember Jesus’ story about the talents? While others who received it used it to achieve success, the other failed because he chose to. It was his choice, he decided to fail! It is what men decide to do with the gifts given to them that determine the result they will get. People don’t become successful because they were born in rich homes; they became successful because they made a choice to become!


When you bring this down to our careers, the career choices we make determines the result we get. I already said we are designed to function differently and that is why we must seriously discover our uniqueness and start building our personality to become what we have been designed to be. That one person became successful as a doctor doesn’t mean every successful man must be a doctor! This is why everyone wants to become musicians because they think every musician ‘blows’ just as they hear ‘I don blow’ in most of their songs. Hello, leave entertainers and never believe in their counsels! It is not as sweet as it sounds in the music. 


Jesus was not born by a famous family but Jesus identified what He came to do and focused on it. Jabez was once a definition of failure until he stood up and made a decision not to be identified with failure anymore! Lazy people cannot succeed because they have chosen not to process the raw treasure in their hands. There is only one way to make that seed of greatness in us become a tree of success, it is by self development and consistent action towards our decision.


I will give us few keys to building and developing ourselves towards whatever we have chosen to be.

Identify who you are: for me, it was in Christ Jesus that I got my definition. It helped me a lot and gave me more reason to be hopeful and to stand out. I also believe that this is the basis for everyone who wants to be successful both spiritually and physically. Many people experience physical success but are not fulfilled in their spirit because they ignored the place of Christ. Understanding who you are also makes you bold and confident; it makes you know how long you can run, the capacity you can carry and the farther you can go. This is where you know your weakness and your strength and know what you can do! One sure way to identifying who you are is in the place of service. Find a place to serve, not necessarily a Church. Find a place that is relevant to your desires and goals. 
Become though on yourself. Leave your comfort zone and stop pampering yourself. There is no man who ever became successful by pampering himself and there is no man who became successful by being normal. Successful people are normal and ordinary people who decided to do things that aren’t normal. The reason why you have not launched that idea is because you are waiting for a convenient time but no time is really convenient. Until you learn to push yourself beyond limits, you may still be limited. Leaving your comfort zone does not mean hard labor, it means deciding to do something and going forward to do it immediately even when you no longer feel like.
Start doing something. Have you got an idea? Start doing it! You can start little but always know where you are going to. You have a seed of greatness in you, let it grow. Don’t forget growth is a process and may take some time! There trees that has been there for so many years but they took time to grow. That seed of greatness can become a tree of success if you allow it to grow.
Keep learning. I always tell my people that they are not up to date if the information they know is the information of yesterday or even the past hour. You must keep learning new things and also keep advancing the one you already know. That idea may become much simpler to set up. Things get easier everyday but only those who are updated know that easy way. Be curious… Ask Questions. You can’t be writing letters while you can simply send an email!
Be Consistent. When you start doing something, don’t stop unless you are doing the wrong thing. By continuing, you are making people trust that you aren’t giving up. I can’t trust the services of a man that may close up tomorrow. Consistency also helps build you as a brand. Even in your little beginning, be consistent! Consistency is a sign of diligence and only diligent people can stand before kings.
Be Focused. Distractions can come in many forms, they can come in the form of rejection, criticism, discouragements and all of that but you’ve got to stay focused. There are people who will naturally hate you but don’t try making them love you by dancing to their tunes, just get focused. The day you stop meeting people who hates you, check well… You may have died or failed! No one hates a dead man. Relationships are also huge distractions or huge encouragement. When you are relating with people who don’t believe or support what you do, they will end up distracting you.
Don’t walk alone but don’t depend on others. Never think you can get there all by yourself but never stop walking even if no one is walking with you. There are people who will meet you on the road and there are also those who will stop on the road. Don’t think people will do it for you but also don’t think you are enough for yourself. Be interdependence. Connect with people who would also want to connect with you. Also connect with people you want to learn from.
Plan. Hey! Write down your plans and don’t work outside your plan unless you realized you didn’t plan well. A plan not written down cannot be executed, if it isn’t written down, it has not been planned.
REST & HAVE FUN. Many times people neglect the place of rest. You are still human, your organs can get weak and if you keep forcing yourself to work round the clock, you will burnout! There is time for everything, there are times to visit the movies, there are times to go for sightseeing, there are times you just need nothing but rest. All work and no play make jack a dull boy… It is not out of place. Don’t use all your time to rest or have fun but don’t also use all your time for work! Sometimes, new ideas come to us in the place of rest! That is the time to think and reflect on what you have been able to achieve so far. Only successful people can genuinely rest.


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