Forget the negative past

Do you know?
The past can be your biggest enemy!

I came across an advice that says “men love sex, at least 95% that I’m aware of. To him, if you can’t continue, don’t start! If you start, don’t stop! Be careful!”. While I absolutely understand the sincerity of the writer, I think it’s not the best advice for a general audience where some persons have made the mistake in the first place! What happens to the woman who has had sex with a man? Does that mean she continue to keep him with sex? What about giving someone your first kiss? Does it mean you must have to make it work at all cost since they have the first kiss? No… The advice should be, forget the past and move on! This leads to me to the very little thing I want to share.


Many times we don’t want to let go of people even when we know it isn’t working! Why? Because we can’t let go of the past moments we shared with them! Many times it’s the thought of the sacrifices we made in relationships that prevents us from walking away from them when necessary! You may have made sacrifices, you may have had the best times you’ve never had with anyone with this person, you may have given what you’ve never given to anyone to this person but if it’s no longer working and he/she isn’t ready to make it work again… Please, walk away and give your life a better meaning! To hell with the good old days! Good future and terrible past is better than terrible future and good past!


Have you always been held back by the fact that you really had good times in the past, that he or she is your “first love”, that you’ve made sacrifices and all that? Believe me… Tomorrow is always better! When someone’s time in your life is over, let go… Don’t keep holding on to what gives you sleepless nights! If it’s not working with him or her, look for someone else it can work with! Don’t regret it… The lessons you’ve gathered from your past is compensation… Let go and never look back!


God bless you!


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