Please, “secular” as used in this article means “things relating to the physical world and things not bound by monastic vows, religion and sects” e.g; money is secular but can be used by the Church.

Every man is spiritual in a sense; every man is a spirit with a soul in a body. Regardless of whether he is regenerated or not, he is a spirit. Some people argue this though, they believe that man is simply a soul.

However, on earth man can only relate to the world in a physical sense and relate to the things not seen in a spiritual sense. For instance, God Himself relates to physical things by using physical elements to bring His will into a physical reality.

To be spiritual does not mean to be sober. However, through meditation; one can receive communications dropping from the Spirit realm. Every man is controlled from the Spirit, atheism is spiritual, it is a way the evil Spirits try convincing man that God does not exist, and in this way, they bound man to themselves.

When the Israelites were thirsty and hungry in the wilderness, God didn’t quench their hunger spiritually because that can only be done using physical elements. God sent manna to fall, those manna were physical elements. God also provided physical ways in which their thirst can be met rather than just cause them never to thirst at all.

For God to come to earth, He had to follow the physical procedures of coming in a body using a woman as the gateway. Jesus came as a man but He is God. This is because man has a soul and a body and those things are physical and can only be related to via the physical sense.

Why did Jesus have to tell the Disciples to engage in convincing reach-outs in order to get people subjected to God’s will? Why can’t God just change everyone’s heart in a trance? It is Because man has a physical version and a spiritual version, to get to man’s spirit, he must agree in his soul.

The Bible says that “whosoever BELIEVES… Shall not perish” and this means the soul of a man is the gateway to his spirit. That is why the heart must believe and the mouth shall confess it out before the change starts taking place.

Being secular does not mean being less spiritual; secularism is not the opposite of spirituality, to be spiritual simply means to be mindful of the spirit or in relationship with the things of the Spirit.

Many times people are confused about these things, a spiritual man does not necessarily avoid secular things, he makes secular things spiritual (not religious).

For instance, I write just like everyone else and I possess the ability to write erotic stories and other kinds of writings that seems to be selling but because I am very spiritual, my secular ability is being used to bring forth the words of the spirit in a physical sense so that the physical minds of people can grasp it.

Many people keep arguing on the concept of music but truth be told, music is an art that appeals to the soul and it is secular and simply art as its definition says but the difference is that people can use that song to fulfil spiritual purposes.

There is no way to get into a man without passing the physical processes. We regard those processes secular because it can be initiated by anyone whether they are considered spiritual or not. It is physical.

Remember, evil people who engage in diabolism are also spiritual and can use the same processes to carry out their evil agendas while believers in Christ Jesus can also use the same processes to bring glory to God and fulfil the purpose of the kingdom on earth.

I think it’s time we stop arguing these things and start paying attention. Anyone can write, anyone can sing and anyone can choose any career of his or her choice and these careers even though they are secular can be used to implement the things of the spirit. What does this mean? It means that we must be conscious of being strategic in the way we communicate the spirit to people.

Actually, I am talking to believers in Christ Jesus. Everyone is anointed, everyone has been given a mandate and the only way we can do these things is not just by fasting and prayers but by doing it exactly the way it was said.

Any good marketer can actually market the gospel if he or she is being spiritual and that is exactly what Jesus asked us to do. Jesus said

“Go into the world… Preach the good news and make disciples of all nations”.

Now, the action words there is “Go, Preach and Make”, anyone can do these things, even unbelievers can go, preach and make something and they can do it so well when they have carefully acquired the skills to do them.

When people are knocking on different doors and trying to introduce certain products to you, what they are doing is secular just as the action words listed above are but the issue lies in what they are communicating to you.

While I said that anyone can go, preach and make something, they can only bring forth what they have! So, believers use those same physical or rather secular processes to carry out divine assignments and bring into reality the things of the spirit.

When the Bible says that Jesus performed miracles it simply means that Jesus brought divine healing into reality through a physical process. Anyone can perform, anyone can lay hands on people, anyone can put sand in your eyes and ask you to go and wash but only a man who is connected to the Spirit can use those mediums to bring spiritual things into reality.

No wonder the Bible says “we call forth things which are not as though they were”.

What is the essence of saying these things? We must try to bring balance on this earth by understanding that it takes faith to work.


We must work out things but we do that in faith! We do not relax, stay in our houses and expect things to be the way we want it. We must not just tune the television and criticize the programs and moral decadence on TV without strategically using those platforms to spread the things of the spirit using the same secular means.

What do I mean by secular? It simply means those things anyone can do regardless of religion, it is what we communicate and produce that differentiates us from others. Everyone sings but not everyone can actually sing the power of God into reality, people sing out whatever they are made up of.

If you are full of the word of God but lack musical skills, you cannot communicate the word through music. You may be able to communicate it through the things you have learnt how to do but not through music. Paul’s literacy helped him do more!

Understanding these things causes the believer to do better. We must consciously acquire relevant skills in relevant fields so that we can be more effective. Our words and presentations must be appealing; we must present the gospel with boldness and authority.

The Bible talked about studying to show ourselves approved (2 Tim 2:15), why study when we already have the Holy Spirit? This is because in the place of study we are communicating to our souls, we are renewing our minds and allowing our body to be subject to the things of the Spirit.

To Pastor a Church, you don’t just need the anointing of the Holy Spirit but training on how to deal with people. You’ll suddenly understand that the Pastor must balance spirituality and secularism because he is dealing with men.

We have so many good preachers but very bad administrators and we have very good administrators but very bad preachers because there is no balance. Sometime ago certain people came questioning me if Christians should engage in laughter since the New Testament never recorded Jesus or the Apostles engaging in laughing activities. I was amazed at that but realized it was because some Christians had kept projecting a very mean and not-smiling kind of life.

God gave man the ability to express themselves. Everything on earth is a blessing from God for all creatures; if secular knowledge and application are required to take mastery of making the best out of this world, then it can also help in effectively carrying out the kingdom assignments on earth.

This is what we mean when we say that anointing is not enough to be a gospel musician, you also need the skills because you are relating to men.

We do not need skills to relate to God, this is why we can pray in the spirit at all times when we are communicating to God but when we are praying for people or leading people in prayers we can always pray in understanding so that they can follow.

If you want to pray with French brethren, you’ll have to learn the French language. Those languages are secular, the means of learning them is secular but using the medium of that language, you can give instructions or receive instructions that have spiritual depths and impact.

The musical instruments used in a night club can still be used in Christian evangelical outreach and it will still produce sounds that stir the emotions towards spiritual consciousness. Secular things in themselves are not moral agents, they assume the character of the user.

The conference hall used by witches for a conference can still be used by Christians for a revival program. Secularism is obviously not the opposite of spirituality and spirituality is not opposed to secularism, it in fact depends on it to a very large extent as long as the earth is concerned.

Our assignment as believers requires bringing men into the kingdom of light and therefore we must be able to relate with what appeals to men. Our relationship with God is spiritual and our relationship with mortal men is physical.

Does this mean allowing secularity to rob us of the good things of the Spirit? Does this mean placing value on secularity? No! It means being spiritual and knowing that even though we are not of the world we are in the world. We are not merely settling for a secular society, we are exercising authority with the victory we already have in Christ.

Our approach to secular things should be guided by the Spirit in us as believers in Christ. Even as we exercise our freedom, it must not be for ourselves, it must be in the boundaries that Christ has set for us. This does not mean we go ahead to live careless lives, it doesn’t mean that we bow to the pressures of this world, it means using every tool God has made available for us and using it rightly.

“Try to do what is good for others, not just good for yourselves… Never do anything that might make others do wrong” 1 Corinthians 10:24-33 (ERV)

“Continue to think about what is good and worthy of praise. Think about what is true and honourable and right and pure and beautiful and respected” Philippians 4:8

“In all work you are given, do the best you can. Work as though you are working for the Lord, not any earthly master” Col 3:23

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