How many cups of water are in the river? How many gallons of water can you get in the river? What about water tanks? How many can dry up the river? We can’t really tell because the river has so much water that we may not be able to dry in our own life time. 

What about having joy like the river? A joy that can’t literally get dry, a joy that keeps flowing… How about that? Is it possible to really be joyful at all times? The answer is an emphatic yes! We can be joyful at all times and I will tell you how you can do that.

Joy and happiness are not the same thing! Sometimes we feel pleasure because of the good things that happened to us, that is happiness. Certain people get drunk just for a temporal pleasure however joy is beyond that. Joy is an extreme form of happiness and which comes from peace of mind and not from the pleasures material things can offer! Happiness may not last so long but you don’t say that for joy!

The Bible says

“Always be full of joy.” – 1 Thessalonians. 5:16 ERV

While the above verse happens to be one of the very shortest verse in the entire scripture, it contains a message that shouldn’t be ignored for a lifetime.

Would God’s word ask us to rejoice if it is not in our ability to do so? Will God tell us to do what we cannot do? Don’t forget this is a new testament verse. It means it’s our choice to be joyful or not, we have the ability to be joyful.

Anyone can be happy because happiness if fueled by positive circumstances of life but not everyone is joyful because they’ve not conditioned themselves to experience peace and pleasure even when things aren’t so good!

When you see that woman who continued smiling when the doctor said she isn’t going to have a child, you have seen a joyful woman. If you have seen that man who kept smiling when his business folded, you have encountered a joyful person. Their emotions are no longer controlled by the circumstances of life.

True joy can only happen to believers in Christ Jesus because a deposit of peace has been made in them the moment they received the Holy Spirit. The Bible says

“But the fruit that the Spirit produces in a person’s life is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness” – Galatians 5:22 ERV

It is this peace from God that make us relax and remain joyful even when things aren’t going the way we want it to. Only God’s spirit can produce such in us while positive things that happens around us may give us temporal happiness.

Would you want to experience this joy everyday of your life? Would you want to keep that joy that the Spirit produces in active? I will tell you how! Remember we looked at 1 Thessalonians 5:16 which tells us to always be joyful but then the Bible continued to tell us how we can always be joyful. Verse 17 reads:

“Never stop praying.” 

We must understand that the Christian prayer isn’t a way of making complains to God but a way of being in constant communication with God.

How can the Bible ask us to keep praying? Does it mean we have to leave our business and friends and keep praying? No… We simply need to always fix our mind on God at all times, we need to be conscious of His presence in everything we do. By that we are attentive to His leading and we also see ourselves communicating with Him even in the middle of our job because we know that He is right there with us.

Sometimes while working alone in my office, I would stretch myself and say “God, I know You can hear me. You’re my strength!”. When I see myself in situations that isn’t pleasant I usually say to God “I know you’re right here. The devil can’t steal my joy. I trust you”. We can’t pray when we don’t trust God. So one of the ways to remain joyful at all times is to always be connected with God in your consciousness. The Bible didn’t stop there, it says:

“Whatever happens, always be thankful. This is how God wants you to live in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18 ERV

I love this one! You can’t be joyful when your mind is always focused in the negativities of life. In all things, you need to be thankful to God. Look at that verse and read it carefully… It says you should be thankful regardless of what happens! It doesn’t matter what you’re facing in life, it doesn’t matter the challenges you meet on your journey of success, you just have to remain thankful to God.

Look at that verse, are you seeing something? The Bible says this is how God wants you to live in Christ Jesus! God wants you to live that way because He knows that is how you can live out all He’s done for you.

Verse 19 says something important, 

“Don’t stop the work of the Holy Spirit.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:19 ERV

When you are not living in the consciousness of God’s presence, when you’re not being thankful in all circumstances, you’re stopping the work of the Holy Spirit from flowing. The Holy Spirit is at work in you, He is producing joy, peace and other fruits but you can stop those works from flowing into reality when you’re being carried away by the circumstances of this life!

You can experience joy like an overflowing river when you decide to tell yourself how to feel rather than letting circumstances of life tell you how to feel. Right now, decide to dump the fears of the unknown and fill your heart with faith in God. 

Breath in, breath out so hard! Take a cup of cold water, clear your throats, smile and declare to yourself “the Holy Spirit is at work in me! I am joyful on all sides! No circumstances can control me because all things are working for my good! I feel joy like a river!”

God bless you!