I am getting married to the most amazing woman on earth. It calls for celebration right? Yes. It will be better celebrated after our 50 years of marriage.

I am not planning to have a very big wedding ceremony. Don’t be surprised if tomorrow I didn’t invite you to a wedding party. However, I am planning to have a very glorious marriage, a purposeful one at that. If you’re marrying without a purpose, then you’ll want to have a very big wedding and never be ready to perform well in marriage.

I’d rather not have a wedding reception than feed the nation in one day and struggle to care for my wife in years.

I’d rather not have a glorious reception that will be forgotten so soon than live in frustrating union that can’t be forgotten! Why borrow to wed your wife? Why use up everything you have just to please people who won’t even stand by you in your marriage?

Have you forgotten? After wedding comes marriage and wedding doesn’t say how marriage will be. Many people have great wedding party but worst marriage… it’s pathetic.

One of my clients used up every of his resources for the wedding party and have to sell his only car just to be able to foot some bills that came up in the first month of his marriage. Another had great wedding party towards the year ending and they divorced early the next year… What a mess!

Why rent an auditorium worth millions of naira when I am yet to build my own house? Perhaps it would be nice to use wisdom, to come back for that expensive auditorium when celebrating our 50 years wedding anniversary…. By then, we have done much more.

I’d rather spend everything on my wife than try feeding the nation in a day. It’s like a student who spent all he needed for his school fees in his matriculation party! The day I matriculated in the University, I never invited anyone for a party. My mates were busy hosting great parties but I simply took a picture with my gown and walked away. Matriculation isn’t an achievement… Same for wedding! It is better to do it big on my convocation because then there is something to brag about.

Anyone can have a wedding party but not anyone can have a nice marriage. Marriage takes sacrifices in order to work. I am not refuting the idea of having a great wedding party. No, not at all. I enjoyed every great wedding party I ever attended and it all inspired me especially when the couples are very young. However, I don’t recommend doing that at the expense of your marriage.

It’s better I buy my wife a car than use the money for that car to run a wedding reception. If you understand that marriage needs lots of money and energy, you won’t use all of that for your one day event.

Women love things that are exciting and they’ll always want to have great parties. I know for sure that my “woman” (oh, God bless the day I will get hold of her) will want to do it so better than everyone else but we can always talk it out and know our priorities because we have a land to conquer and we don’t need to shoot out all our bullets during the preparation!

We can do great stuff without spending much. Yes, knowing that we have lots of things to do, we will be wise enough to know where to let our money go. There is no point trying to please anyone.

If there is a place you need weapons, it’s not in the training but in the fight! Don’t shoot out all your bullets just because you’re getting ready for war… When you’re in the war zone, you may run out of bullet! Don’t get confused by this analogy… Marriage is not a war zone… it’s a love zone and that is where generosity is needed most.