I have wanted to keep quiet but “Evil thrives when good men do nothing

“Hey! It is MMM… It is the Ultimate Cycler… It gives you lots of money without stress and all you have to do is to introduce another person!”

That was what I have been hearing for a long time… I haven’t just heard, I have seen it work.

At first, it was enticing, it promised to be so rewarding and I saw various opportunities if I got myself involved. I calculated certain projects I needed to fund in 2017, the cost was much and the needed amount wasn’t anywhere to be found, not in my pocket and not even in my account and so I began to think deeply… Getting on with this so-called opportunity would fetch me about eight hundred thousand naira if I faithfully and totally get myself involved for about three to four months. But something was wrong, my mind wasn’t so made up.

Suddenly, people around started getting alerts. At the space of minutes I would usually see people jump up and shout that they have gotten alerts, they find their way to the bank, withdraw at least fifty thousand naira and count it to my face. Seriously, I began to recalculate how much I would have made if I got myself involved in these so-called opportunities and suddenly I got interested and got very enthusiastic about it. I applied for registration with a very vibrant team. They even assured me I would be getting my pay soonest if I should comply and pay into the account of anyone they merge me with, I was glad I was finally going to be hitting money.

Of course, I have lots of people who would trust me enough to also join in the scheme! How does this scheme work? They said I should just have to get two or four persons and I will be smiling my way to the bank! Truly, my intentions of making this money were genuine, I wanted to complete certain projects with it and facilitate the commencement of one of our major projects at George’s Diary. So, with the already laid out plans, it would seem it is God’s will to get involved.

Looking at some of my friends, Pastors and Christian ministers, they were all benefitting from these schemes, they are preaching it and encouraging their diehard fans to join these opportunities. Suddenly, everyone alike has been infested with this virus, the thirst for easy money, the desire for effortless cash. “After all, Grace isn’t about our efforts…” One had boldly declared. I had to sit down and think very deeply, I didn’t just think, I began to study the scriptures, I began to read the histories of these easy money schemes and I realised why my Spirit have rejected these things! I discovered why it was hard for me to encourage people to join these schemes and I gave up on the desire for easy money, recollected myself and retraced my step… Let me show you why it is not good for a believer to be part of these schemes that promise easy money, money that come without your services.


Just before we look at the subject matter, I want to clarify that Ponzi Schemes and Multi-Level Marketing isn’t the same thing. Most Multi-Level Marketing businesses aren’t illegal, fraudulent or even unchristian because they offer services but find a way to distribute their products. People who are active in MLM business will testify that it is not a thing of just paying some money and bringing others to pay you. However, a Christian ought to be very careful when joining MLM, MLM may not be illegal but it is another easy way the devil can use to get at you, stop you from fulfilling your purpose and kill some dreams you have nursed for a long time. Research has shown that most people who had projects in mind before joining MLM abandoned those projects to become full-time multi-level marketers.

Now let’s talk about a quick money-making scheme otherwise known as Ponzi schemes. There are various schemes in Nigeria at this moment and it has gotten the best of young people especially now that Nigeria is experiencing economic challenges and high level of unemployment.

These schemes work in a way that one has to give a certain amount like #12,500 to someone as an assistant and bring four other persons who will definitely pay him #12,500 each summing his earning to #50,000. Wow! Isn’t it a super way to get money quickly and solve certain problems? Well, that is how we are meant to see it but that is not how it has been. These schemes have caused pains and regrets to lots of people who are involved in it.

These so-called opportunities work in a way that the early participants make great returns and late investors receive nothing and lose their money. In 1994, about 50 people committed suicide in Russia as a result of MMM ceased operation. Ponzi Schemes do not make profits, they rather pay from the money others invested with.

One big truth about the Ponzi scheme is that it is run by people who do not care about the future of their investors. Believers have to stay away from these schemes that promise quick money for the following reasons.

BE PRODUCTIVE WITH YOUR CREATIVITY: God expects you to work with your capitals and make returns. I was explaining this to someone when he broke out “MMM is like Bank! Don’t you remember the master saying to the servant ”you should have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming, I should have received what was my own with interest.” I had to do some logical explanations. Ponzi Scheme companies are not Banks, they don’t render services and they don’t solve human needs. They simply promise a higher percentage of what you have given by merging others to pay you. Why God would recommend the Bank is because the Bank can loan your money to someone else who wants to render services and solve problems. Ponzi Schemes like MMM don’t even encourage you to work hard and save your money with the Bank. They publish enticing lies that get people to trust them and fall for them. These are some of the lies we found on the MMM website

“But why do bankers live a hundred times better than common people who really work hard? Do the bankers work harder? Definitely, they don’t! In addition, they do not even produce any material values, as opposed to the workers. Why then the difference in income is so enormous?”

Is Banking really a simple easy way to make money? Are Bankers a hundred times better? Let’s hear from Morgan LaPeter, Founder of Parenteam & former investment banker has this to say on Quora

“First of all, it is an extremely hard industry to break into and usually requires you to have either graduated from a top school or graduated from the top of your class at a “non-target” school.

Second, junior investment bankers don’t actually make that much money when you consider the cost of living in major cities like NYC or SF. When you’re working 12-16+ hours a day, the last thing you’ll want to do is commute anywhere, so most of your paycheck will end up going toward paying rent on a 400 sq ft studio in a “prime” midtown location. After a year or two, you’ll soon realize that you’ve been working just to sustain continuing to work.

Also, IB is a hard job…you have to be able to think after pulling all-nighters and constantly be at the top of your game. You must have the ability to plan your days because you could be about to walk out the door for the night and get an email that someone needs something by 9 am tomorrow. Your personal relationships usually suffer horribly, and many investment bankers end up miserable. And then one day a financial crisis will hit and you’ll walk into work and half of the floor will have been fired just like that. No one cares about your 20+ years of loyalty. This happened multiple times at my first employer.

I was an investment banker for 5 years until I became a mother. It is an impossible career for anyone who would also like to be a primary caregiver to a child. One female managing director I used to work with got up in the middle of a meeting and said “oh … I forgot my 7-yr-old’s birthday!” At a certain point, the money is just not worth it.”

Someone else who wants to be Anonymous has this to say

“From the outside, many people think the wealthy have it easy. But are you willing to pay the price to POSSIBLY enter that club (because there are no guarantees)? If you answer yes, then get to it.”

From people’s experiences, you will discover that Banking isn’t an easy job, many bankers are not wealthy like we predict! Of course, there are rich bankers just as there are rich waste managers. To make money, you have to work for it, prepare yourself and get knowledge of mastering what you want to do. If bankers are richer and all you want in life is to make more money, why not pay the price of being a banker and become one? Every lucrative job comes with a price and if you can’t pay, you can’t become. Engaging in Ponzi schemes isn’t the same thing with doing a job! You don’t have to create anything, you don’t have to solve problems, you don’t have to do anything! You just have to give in some money and get others to give you too!

YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW: The Bible says in Galatians 6:7

“Be not deceived, God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows, that he shall also reap”

One would argue that Ponzi Schemes are about sowing and reaping but unfortunately, that is not it! The above Bible text will lead us to many truth! There are many ways to getting rich, it can either be negative or positive.

Unfortunately, lots of people have come to the conclusion that the result is what matters! Truth is that a criminal can get as much money as someone who worked hard enough to make money, they may achieve the same result but the end will always justify the means because God cannot be mocked.

Some are getting angry right now because I am comparing Ponzi Schemes with being criminal. I will show you how it is almost the same and it only takes an open heart to understand this and heed to it.

Ponzi schemes cause financial loss and crisis, it results in suffering and confusion to certain people and you may invest in it and make money at the expense of other people’s loss. Ponzi schemes work in a way where the initial people benefits from it and the latter people lose their investments.

By investing your strength and time in it, you are empowering it to continue and you are part of people’s suffering whenever it crashes! No Ponzi scheme has ever survived the test of time, it has never happened in history!

Lots of people have committed suicide as a result of losing their investment and some other people benefitted from it! Whoever contributed to such scheme are part of those responsible for the suicide. Jesus said in Matthew 7:12

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

If you will not want to be a victim of financial loss, why get other people into it? Everyone who invites people to join any Ponzi scheme does that out of greed and want for themselves and not because they want to make other people better.

In fact, most people who are involved in this scheme hardly help people, they will simply take advantage of your financial challenges to introduce you to the Ponzi Scheme so that you get to register under them and they get their own share of bonus from the money you have paid. And when you have successfully registered, you would want to get your own payback and so you decide to bring other people too not because you really want to help them but because you are simply interested in getting back the money you have invested. So you see, it is unchristian and it makes Christians become selfish and wicked! Lots of believers who are engaged in this will not accept this truth, they will try hard to discredit this revelation. Some of them don’t even know they have become very selfish because like the devil deceived Eve, it comes in a very subtle way.

WHAT YOU DO TELLS WHO YOU ARE: when you introduce people to Ponzi Schemes and it fails, you are hurting and destroying the good relationship you should have with people and they begin to see you as fraudulent! Even when they succeed, they really see you as someone who is just much more interested in money and you lose the reverence they have for you as regards your faith in God. It is better to build a good reputation for yourself than destroy your name and identity! The Bible says we were made to show forth God’s glory and you can’t show forth God’s glory in this way. I wish every believer can really understand this! The wise man who wrote Proverbs 22:1 says

“A good name is better than great riches”

Do you know how much you are damaging your name when you get yourself involved in Ponzi Schemes? Ponzi schemes only get at those who don’t discern and people who are crazily in love with money. Unfortunately, we have so many Christian leaders who are engaged in this mess. Paul wrote in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 various things about Church leaders and helpers which of course means every Christian who is really about the Christian life

“Church leader must be sober, self-controlled, and orderly… He must not love money. He should be one respected by people outside the Church to avoid disgrace. Church helpers must have good character and be sincere. They must be sober and honest. Those helpers who do their work well win for themselves a good standing…”

Do you see that? People who engage in these schemes become dishonest and insincere. They lack orderliness and in the cause of time lack self-respect because people will begin to see them like those who want to take advantage of them.

Ponzi scheme destroys much more people than it will ever help! Paul warned us against associating ourselves with Christians who engage in such! Yes… Not unbelievers but Christians! He wrote in 1 Corinthians 5:11

“You must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or GREEDY, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a SWINDLER. With such a man, do not even eat”

You may really start off very well with Ponzi scheme, you may not have in mind to swindle people or act in greed but that’s exactly what you suddenly graduate into! Why? Because money is your only motivation and the love of money is the root of evil as pointed out in 1 Timothy 6:10-11. Paul also added

“…Some have been so eager to have it that they have wandered away from the faith and have broken their hearts with many sorrows. But you, man of God, avoid all these things…”

YOU WORK AND EARN: Paul also instructed Timothy and of course those of us who teach God’s word in verse 18 “command them to do good, to be rich in good works…”

Anybody can be rich anyhow! Being rich with any method doesn’t show that the method used is Godly. Therefore, believers ought to make money from good works! First, you must note the word “WORK” and “GOOD”. You are expected to work and the work you do must be a good one. No wonder Paul wrote in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 “Those who do not work should not eat”

Wherever the desire of making money without money comes from isn’t from God. The desire itself is evil and unrighteous. It is through working that God disciplines and builds us. It is through work that a certain solution is provided and certain people are assisted!

God promised us that the works of our hands shall be blessed and working is an act of faith for every believer! It is through work that you get the prosperity God has given to you! Working is a godly channel through which the blessings of God comes.

The desire for quick money is a result of the love of money and love of money is always regarded by the scriptures as idolatry. Paul said that whatever we do, we should do as unto God!

Why have lots of believers especially Christian leaders decided to overlook these things? It is because they are blinded by their love for money just like we saw in 1 Timothy 6:10-11 and because they are blinded, they wander away from the faith and fall into the devil’s trap.

Yes! The devil almost got me into this mess, I almost gave in with excuses that I am going to use the proceeds in doing some Christian projects and expand our reach but God had to stop me and bring me to a point I can actually listen to Him!


The Bible says in Thessalonians 5:22

“Flee the very appearance of evil”

God is always concerned with how we show Him forth to the world! By engaging in things that don’t represent God’s nature, we are automatically appearing as evil! Come to think of it.

It is God’s desire that every soul shall prosper and be in good health but it is the desire of everyone in a Ponzi Scheme that they prosper at the expense of another person’s loss! They may not consciously have signed up for it but with time it is just who they have become.

Believers in Christ ought to say no to every unrighteous business transactions, gambling, betting and every other activity that is powered by greed and love of money.

If you really want to prosper God’s way, why not do things that will be beneficial to people and the world? Why not provide solutions and do something with your creativity?

Logically, even if the whole world joins the Ponzi Scheme, the last persons to join will be paid by who? They will definitely become frustrated and that is it!

Some of these Ponzi schemes claims to be a community of people who help themselves but that is a whole bunch of lies! What kind of help is it that you assist someone only to get paid by other persons? Charity is Charity and it doesn’t expect a payback!

If you really want to help people, go into the streets, go to the hospital, go to the motherless babies home and you will find lots of people to help!
Do not quarrel against God’s word… Jesus promises to give help to you when you want it only if you can come!

Remember, when you work and trust in God for fruitfulness, you prosper! What you sow is what you reap!
Be careful… Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.
God bless you.