My hnadover Speech

A Handover Speech presented by George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie
On 9th of December, 2016 at the Handover ceremony holding
At St. Peters Ang. Church, Nkpor

It is with gratitude to God and joy in our hearts that we present you with the new leaders of the YAC ministry in the Diocese on the Niger of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). Young Anglican Crusaders (YAC) is a vibrant ministry of Young People and to keep it moving God keeps raising vibrant men and women who have been endowed with great unction to function.

Leadership is service, leaders are servants and these people are not coming up to take titles but to serve the Lord on the platform of the YAC Ministry. Leaders are not meant to be loved by all but they love all, leaders are not meant to be understood at all times but they try to understand others and leaders are not meant to be criticized for every mistake. It is humanly not easy to take up any leadership office because it affects other areas of our lives but love for God and His service is what drives Christians into taking up positions where they will serve better.

Throughout our tenure, we have strived to do better; we have given in our best and our worst. If we ever achieved anything, God did it through us and if we ever failed in any area, we simply resisted God to use us in those areas or it was a source of a lesson to us for the higher calling. Leaders are not people who don’t make mistakes; leaders are people who never repeat their mistakes. Leaders make mistakes but never dwell in their mistakes. However, leaders try to avoid mistakes.

Because we are humans, we were loved by some and we were disliked by some. We were able to please some and we were not able to please some. We offended people with our words, neglects and actions. However, on this occasion of handover, we are asking people whoever felt offended by us to let go and we ask those who ever loved us and showed us support to also do the same to the incoming administration.

One thing we would like to communicate to the incoming leaders is this; to choose to be a leader is to choose to serve. Leadership is not a position for power tussle and a showcase of influence. It is a place of humility, love and service. The core duty of every leader is to keep the vision moving, to carry others along and to make people understand the vision whereby training them to also be able to carry this vision and run with it. The YAC ministry is home of young youths, a place where people who are hungry for God ought to remain more hungry and not a place where zeal and passion are quenched!

As instruments in the hands of God, I pray that God will endow our new leaders with more strength, wisdom and knowledge. In the YAC ministry, our leaders aren’t known by position, they are known by their impact. In the words of Jesus, “they are known by their fruits”.

It is on this note that I handover the mantle of leadership and the office of the Diocesan President to my brother and friend, Chukwuebuka Mozie. On this day, I cease to be the Diocesan President as I submit to the leadership of our new coordinator.

Welcome to another phase of leadership

Your Brother and friend,
George Onyedikachukwu Nnadozie
President, YAC on the Niger, 2014-2016