NEW BOOK: Dedicated to Women


It’s not voluminous but it contains mind blowing information!


It took me only three days to write this book but it took me almost three years to work on it!

This is a book that speaks volume about the creation of women, who they are meant to be and how they are meant to function… Truth is, I haven’t seen a book that contains much information as this concerning women’s position as regards to their making!

This book will be hitting Amazon stores worldwide and you surely wouldn’t want to remain here on earth without reading it!

The book wasn’t written for the women, it is a book that will inspire the women and the men who loves them… It will change your entire perception on who the women are because it boasts of rich Bible back ups on God’s view of the women! This book is a result of high revelational knowledge!

It’s like I have spoken too much about it… Well, it’s not because I authored it, but it is because I know this will prevent several marital problems and improve men’s interaction with the women folk!

It is a book that lives on what it’s title talks about… It is DEDICATED TO WOMEN.

A book based on George’s Diary traditions… Written by George O.N, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Available on Amazon here