The rain helps farmers so much and indeed without rain, the world will experience famine and lots of people will die quicker! Same rain could have destroyed the entire human race if some hadn’t hidden themselves in the ark of Noah! Come to undeveloped places, rain can cause flood and the flood can kill lots of people and damage lots of things but the same flood can be used in developed places to generate electricity! The same rain that can destroy the farm can deliver the farm!

Tнε Scяιקтυяε ιs ℓιкε тнαт!

Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 3:6►NIV

“He нaѕ мade υѕ coмpeтenт aѕ мιnιѕтerѕ oғ a new covenanт–noт oғ тнe leттer вυт oғ тнe Spιrιт; ғor тнe leттer ĸιllѕ, вυт тнe Spιrιт gιveѕ lιғe.”

You see, many people have perished as a result of the written code, many people are still on the verge of death as a result of the written code! It was the written code that killed 3000 at Mount Sinai in the Old Testament because it was ministered to a fallen nature, it was the revelation of the written code that saved 3000 at Mount Zion (Jerusalem). God’s word cannot make sense to mere mortals, human ininterpretation of this word can cause serious harm and revelation of that word can cause serious goodness! The letters of the Old Testament makes no sense without the Gospel of the New Testament! The New Testament makes no sense without the Holy Spirit who is committed to teaching all things! I will borrow words from the popular Pulpit Commentary to make it more clear.

Both the Law and the gospel were committed to writing; each covenant had its own book; but in the case of the Mosaic Law there was the book and nothing more; in the case of the gospel the book was nothing compared to the spirit, and nothing without the spirit. Out of the spirit. That is, of the gospel which found its pledge and consummation in the gift of the Spirit.

The Law, too, was in one sense “spiritual”(Romans 7:14), for it was given by God, who is a Spirit, and it was a holy Law; but though such in itself (in se) it was relatively (peraceidens) a cause of sin and death, because it was addressed to a fallen nature, and inspired no spirit by which that nature could be delivered (see Romans 7:7-25).

But in the gospel the spirit is everything; the mere letter is as nothing (John 6:63). For the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. This is one of the very numerous “texts” which have been first misinterpreted and have then been made, for whole centuries, the bases of erroneous systems. On this text more than any other, Origen, followed by the exegetes of a thousand years, built his dogma that the Scripture must be interpreted allegorically, not literally, because “the letter” of the Bible kills.

The misinterpretation is extravagantly inexcusable, and, like many others, arose solely from rending words away from their context and so reading new senses into them. The contrast is not between “the outward” and the inward sense of Scripture at all. “The letter” refers exclusively to “the Law,” and therefore has so little reference to “the Bible” that it was written before most of the New Testament existed, and only touches on a small portion of the Old Testament. Killeth.

Two questions arise.

(1)What and whom does it kill? and
(2)how does it kill?

The answers seem to be that

(1) the letter – the Law regarded as an outward letter – passes the sentence of death on those who disobey it. It says, “He who doeth these things shall live in them;” and therefore implies, as well as often says, that he who disobeys them shall be cut off. It is, therefore,a deathful menace. For none can obey this Law with perfect obedience. And

(2) the sting of death being sin, the Law kills by directly leading to sin, in that it stirs into existence the principle of concupiscence (Romans 7:7-11;1 Corinthians 15:56; Galatians 3:10, 21).

But the spirit giveth life.

This contrast between a dead and a living covenant is fundamental, and especially in the writings of St. Paul (Romans 2:27-29;Romans7:6;Romans 8:11;Galatians 5:8;1 Corinthians15:45).

The Law stones the adulteress; the gospel says to her, “Go, and sin no more.”

Therefore, it is not ideal and in fact is a grave danger to minister the letter to the people and starve them of the Spirit! Many people are raising generations of dead men because these men are simply feeding on the letter! We have not been called to minister the letter but a new convenant….

Therefore what does the new convenant do to a sinner? It says to him or her “Go, and Sin no more!”. That is because only in the New Convenant can one receive power to “Sin no more!”…. The Old Convenant can only declare to you “You deserve to die, it is your wages for sinning” but the New Convenant which has been birthed by the Spirit does more good and no harm.

My younger brother asked me about a group of young people in a particular Church that doesn’t believe solely in the authority of the Gospel! He asked me why there are more scandals of immorality there and why even their Children centres are filled with very corrupt minds and I told him quickly

“It is because the letter they’ve been receiving kills! You can’t expect anything good from them until they a minister of the New Convenant takes over the affairs of that place and introduce them to the ministry of the Spirit!”

Many Churches are trying to raise godly people but it isn’t working, the best they can raise is hypocrites! Why? Because they have been ministering the letter that kills than the Spirit that gives life! Every leader must have to note this down!

I αм уσυг Bгσтнєг & Fгιєи∂,
George O.N

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