Hail Mary
This picture is simply a graphical representation of BVM as presented by a model. It does not in any way represent what Mary, the mother of Jesus looks like.

“And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.” Luke 1:28


We’ve always come across Block Rosary’s where children don’t get tired of shouting “Hail Mary”, even the Muslim’s Quran talks about Virgin Mary in a virtuous way. There are some lessons we can learn from her encounter with Angel Gabriel.

When God looked for a woman who could be the medium through which He will come to earth as human, He was not just looking for a virgin, he was not just looking for a woman who knew no sin, He was also looking for a woman who could say

“If it is your will, it is my will”

Before Angel Gabriel visited Mary, she may have calculatively planned her life, the way she wanted to live and the kind of Business she could be doing but God was on other plans for her!

Considering the high values placed on morals in those days, virgins were not hard to come by, most Jewish girls then were willingly and unwillingly virgins. Being a virgin wasn’t the issue, it was been able to accept God’s will, Mary was among the rare ones who could affirm to God’s call.

It took a Mary for God to carry out His plans of sending His only Son. In this generation, it can only take people modeled after Mary to willingly let God work through them! Many are believers but not all believers are doers. Mary’s agreement to God’s own plans got rid of her own plans. One thing is certain; God’s plan for us makes us blessed the moment we yield in to it!

Just like that lonely moment when Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary as directed by God, God is appearing to many people in different ways! It may be through visions, through Angelic visits, through the Scriptures and even through people… He is visiting people even in very lonely moments and moments of meditation! God is calling many for greater accomplishments. Just Mary asked, some of us are asking

“How will it be?” Luke 1:34

But when God brings a vision, He also provides the provision! Mary took a step of total trust in God! She was not a great bible scholar, she was not a well known woman, but she knew one thing for sure, she was God’s servant! She gave up on herself and gave in to God!

Mary was a virgin but God needed no natural means to carry out His divine purpose! Virginity in this context may represent so many things! Paul the Apostle never followed Jesus like the 12 did but when Jesus got hold of him, he was filled up with the same spirit that was given to the Christians who prayed in the upper house! God doesn’t need help to make you what He wants you to become, God doesn’t need your job to make you rich, God doesn’t need your own knowledge to make you what He wants you to become! Once you say “yes” to God, all nations will call you blessed!

Check out all the Apostles and how Jesus started picking them up from nothing! Some were fisher men, some were very much unemployed, some were doing very odd jobs as regards to who Jesus wants them to become! None were teachers of the law, none had degree certificate from the Mosaic Theology, none went to school and none of them had any commitment in the Synagogue! They were just nobody in the society. Jesus picked them, emptied them of themselves like Mary was emptied of herself. Only Judas refused to yield himself up (that is a topic for another day). Today, we are still under influence of the impact that came as a result of people who said to God

“I am the Lord’s servant… may your words be fulfilled!” Luke 1:38

One of the resounding assurances God is giving to those who say yes to Him is the exact assurance He gave to Mary through the Angel! He said

“The Lord is with you” Luke 1:28

God is with you and will never look back on you even as you yield yourself ultimately to Him!

 PRAYER: Lord not my will, let your will be done!

Have a nice time!