Are you getting ready for LYMS 2015?

Let’s know our speakers at The LYMS 2015

Rev. Canon Goddy Iloka is a pastor who is making waves in the ministry. He is a spirit filled minister, author and a father. He is currently the chaplain of the EFAC ministry. He will be handling a relationship course (managing relationship and leadership) in the summit. Some leaders find themselves in relationships which becomes a cause of concern. Is it right? Is it wrong? What are the advantages or disadvantages? Find out!

Rev. Elochukwu Ojukwu is also a pastor at Our Saviours Church, ugwuagba, Anambra-Nigeria. He will be pioneering an expository course on: Understanding Your Calling. What have you been called into? This is what you must answer before you proceed boldly to your duty post! Find the right answer in this conference.

Evang. Dan Ogbu is an evangelist whose ministry has been graciously filled with evidence. He will be taking us on a two course on the Impact section: The Place of the Holy Ghost and Breaking New Grounds. The Holy Ghost is the energizer for ground breaking!

Evang. Arinze Richard is an evangelist who lips has been soaked in grace. He is a preacher with passion for young people and his ministry is backed with miraculous anointing. He will be handling two in one course: Grace for Extra Responsibility and Faithful Leadership for Faithful followership.

Rare Gentle Eyisi (Bsc, Msc) is a young minister, a motivational speaker and the President of Rare Breed Club, his club is dedicated to raising leaders and global icons. As with his commitment to raising leaders for global change, he will be handling a very sensitive Course on the Seminar section: Managing Leadership and Career. Are you managing leadership and career (like education)? Do you feel its important to drop leadership duties and go on with your life? Before you take that decision, find out from this summit what you need to do.

Evang. Great James is currently serving at St. Peters Church, Oba, Anambra Nigeria. He will be ministering on: Understanding your place. When you don’t understand your place, it is difficult to understand your duty. A doctor cannot be relevant in a bank and a banker cannot be relevant in a hospital. Are you a banker working in a hospital? It is either you learn to be a doctor or you find a bank.

George Onyedika Nnadozie is the President of The YAC Ministry (on the Niger). He is committed to impacting lives with the word plus nothing. Seeing people understand the Bible is his passion! Therefore, in a bid to raise leaders who will lead by the word, he will be extensively dealing with: Impartation for Excellence.

Don’t miss any of these sections. This is a short-program of The Wise Builders School of Leadership and Discipleship (WBSLD). Remember, you are a leader, leadership is your nature!!!

Let’s make it a date @St. Philip’s Ogidi
26th-28th of July, Reg fee is N200.
Be ready for the global shaking!!!

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